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The digital world is changing the rules of the market and confronts mechanical and plant engineering with the task of actively shaping the dynamic change. Business Strategies helps - with information on all business issues, current management trends, and by providing support in day-to-day operations and strategic planning.

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Making digital meetings and channels more efficient

Meeting efficiency is even more important in today's digital communications. In the download you will find tips, tools and checklists for meetings and for structuring the different communication channels.

Quality Management

The quality of products and services is the basis for success in the German mechanical and plant engineering industry. Every company, whether certified to ISO 9001:2015 or not, has a functioning quality management system. However, there are major differences in its effectiveness.

Experiences of producing in a pandemic

The VDMA has compiled advice and experience from various companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector on how to maintain production despite a pandemic.

New Work - Kill a stupid rule - Simplify work processes

Companies that want to become more agile, faster and more innovative subject their regulations and processes to a regular garbage collection.

New options for pre-insolvency proceedings since January 2021

The political establishment has agreed on further facilitations for company rescues. Since 01.01.2021, facilitated restructuring procedures can be applied under certain conditions.

Recommendations for action in mechanical and plant engineering

For most machine and plant manufacturers, the product development process is probably the most important part of their value chain. The engineering often makes the difference to the competition - especially when individual customer requirements are taken into account.

Hotspots of contract review

This year's exchange of experience in the Claims Management series of topics provided concrete tips for contract drafting and contract review.

Purchasing and Materials Management

Material costs account for the largest share of total costs in mechanical and plant engineering. At the same time, the trouble-free supply of materials is a prerequisite for on-time deliveries. The optimal organization of purchasing and materials management therefore has a decisive influence on competitiveness.

Between efficiency and complexity

The triad between market intelligence, product development and product life cycle

Lean Management

Lean management is a corporate philosophy that has been tried and tested for decades. Machine and plant manufacturers can also use the method to expand their problem-solving competence and benefit from continuous improvement processes - not only in production.

Success factor AI - machine builders and startups find each other

42 percent of AI startups for mechanical engineering come from Europe. Process optimization, visual quality control and predictive maintenance as key innovation fields. Financing is lacking in Europe.

Startups and mechanical engineering: How the cooperation succeeds

There is great potential in the cooperation between startups and mechanical engineering. The prerequisite is that both parties find each other and master the challenges of cooperation. VDMA Startup-Machine helps companies to get started.

Cooperating with startups: Opportunity for mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering and startups are working together more and more frequently - and with success: Three out of five startup cooperations in mechanical engineering have been a lasting success. But this does not mean that all potentials have been exhausted.

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To the point

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"Digitalization is an important building block for the mechanical engineering industry in establishing resilience against crises."

Prof. Claus Oetter, Deputy Chairman VDMA Software and Digitalization

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percent of German companies

see a significant need for improvement in their current status of digitization activities.

Source: VDMA Studie „Führung und Innovation in Zeiten der Digitalisierung“

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3 Operational categories in marketing controlling
  • Effectiveness: Indicator of success that records new and existing customers reached by all marketing campaigns.
  • Efficiency: helps evaluate what reach is achievable with which financial marketing resources
  • Customer satisfaction & comparative analysis: evaluating customer loyalty and market presence compared to competitors

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VDMA Focus-Topic


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Climate-Neutral Production

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Europe and China

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Other VDMA Services
Job description made easy
Job description, classification, career and competencies made easy - access HR Online Manager for 4 weeks free of charge.


VDMA Excel calculation for forecasting life cycle costs
Life cycle costing (LCC) is very much in vogue, because it allows us to assess the value of "Made in Germany" in monetary terms. For this reason, more and more mechanical engineering customers are inquiring with their suppliers about the follow-up costs of their investment.
Checklist Safety for Service Missions during the Pandemic
Our checklist will help you increase the safety of service staff during urgently needed field work assignments. It provides references to useful sources of information and offers a basis for WEB experience exchanges among VDMA divisions.
Fitness check - where does your company stand compared to the best in the industry?
Do you know how well your company compares to the best in the industry? Find out: on our "Fitness Checks" platform, you can use the online assessment tool to measure and compare your performance currently in the areas of service, quality management and innovation & quality using topic-specific success criteria.
Incoterms 2020
In September 2019, the new Incoterms 2020 were published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). The 11 trade clauses govern the transfer of risks and costs in sales contracts.
Investment calculator 4.0
The model-based online tool "Investment Calculator 4.0" and the accompanying guide offer you valuable support in the economic evaluation of digitization projects.
Salary survey
The VDMA salary study shows what engineers and IT specialists earn in a medium-sized company and provides, among other things, approaches for company-specific salary benchmarking.


Overview Liquidity Support
In challenging times, companies rely on sufficient liquidity. In our overview, we have compiled various instruments, programs and information for you.
Startup Radar Dashboard - Find startups for mechanical engineering online
Discover startup contacts and trends for mechanical engineering worldwide?! The new digital startup search platform helps to find suitable partners.
Peacoq trend radar platform - exploring trends for mechanical engineering online
The VDMA Future Business Trendradar has reached the next level: All content is now digital - making it more accessible for research, display and customization.


Management & Business Strategies Committee
Ausschuss Betriebswirtschaft und Unternehmensführung
In the Business Administration and Management Committee, the managing directors and entrepreneurs from the member companies meet to deal with business administration issues and tasks in the field of business management. The committee meets twice a year and focuses on topics relating to corporate management and organisation, strategic corporate planning and development, corporate finance and employer/employee relations.


Kai Neubauer

HSM GmbH & Co. KG


Illner, Bianca

Management & Business Strategies Committee
Ausschuss Einkauf und Materialwirtschaft
The VDMA's Purchasing and Materials Management Committee deals with technical issues in the fields of purchasing, materials management and logistics. The committee's work serves the exchange of experience among members, the evaluation of current trends and developments, and the development of common standards and concepts.


Andreas Roj

LMT Finance & Shared Services


Illner, Bianca

Management & Business Strategies Committee
Ausschuss Marketing
As the central organ of the VDMA, the committee is to identify, discuss and evaluate developments and trends in the marketing of capital goods.


Illner, Bianca

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Largest industry network in Europe

Around 3,300 primarily medium-sized member companies in the capital goods industry make the VDMA the largest industrial association in Europe and the most important network organization in the industry.

Strong representation of interests

The VDMA is the most important voice of the mechanical and plant engineering industry. It represents the common economic, technical and scientific interests of the industry in Germany and around the world.

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More than 500 VDMA employees worldwide support you with practical services to make the right decisions in your company - along the entire value chain.