Sustainability & Energy
Demand for climate-friendly energy technologies is growing rapidly. Here, mechanical and plant engineering can expand its key position as a supplier and user of sustainable energy systems. However, this will only succeed if energy costs do not develop into a locational disadvantage and technology paths remain explicitly open through forward-looking legislation.

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Aus unseren Inhalten

Aus unseren Inhalten
Draft EU Packaging Regulation: VDMA participates in consultation process

The European Commission has published a proposal for a regulation on packaging and packaging waste on November 30, 2022. The VDMA will participate in a public consultation.

Material Compliance Guide now available

Product-related environmental regulations, many of which are known by the widely used term "Material Compliance (MC)," have been explained by VMDA in a comprehensive guide.

VDMA battery event with great response

Under the heading "Battery legal requirements - From the BattG to the EU Battery Regulation", the VDMA held an event on March 20, 2023. Here is the most important in brief.

New Ecodesign Regulation and digital product passport

With the publication (March 30, 2022) of the new Ecodesign Regulation and the establishment of a digital product passport (DPP), the EU Commission has set an important milestone under the Green Deal. When is the final agreement expected? And what is the current status?

Supporting documents for the ZVEI-VDMA Code of Conduct

Here you will find supporting documents to assist you in implementing the contents described in the ZVEI-VDMA Code of Conduct (compliance and sustainability topics) in your company.

VDMA Award "Carbon Busters 2.0" starts a new round - Next generation reduces emissions!

Get active! Young teams from VDMA member companies can develop creative concepts for reducing emissions and, with a little luck, win the second VDMA "Carbon Busters 2.0" award.

REACH-PFAS restriction: Cefic-Ricardo study on economic impact

Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, plans to commission a study on the economic impact of the planned PFAS restriction. Input from VDMA member companies is also sought.

Selected topics in corporate environmental protection

Corporate environmental protection encompasses a variety of different aspects - participants helped determine the focus of the event.

Energy price brakes - test authority now known

PWC and atene KOM have been officially appointed as the audit authority. Companies that have applied for relief through the energy price brake must ensure that the relevant documents are available in good time.

Where do companies stand in implementing ESG requirements?

This survey provides an overview of the status of the implementation of ESG issues in the machinery and plant engineering industry and what role they play in business relationships and what trends and further impacts are expected.

"Interim electricity price burdens the internal market"

The German states also want to improve Europe as an industrial location. However, the call for stronger state subsidies conveys the wrong message. Subsidies threaten to distort the single European market.

Fit for 55 Update: EU climate and energy targets become concrete

After two years of negotiations, most of the Fit for 55 files are now adopted. What has been agreed between the European Parliament and the Council to reach the 2030 climate targets?

PFAS restrictions in the USA

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are not only the focus of substance restrictions within the EU, but are also increasingly being restricted in other countries.

Energy Brainpool simulates hydrogen-based future of the economy

With its energy market simulation software "Power2Sim", Energy Brainpool created a scenario for an energy economy based on hydrogen and green electricity as the main energy carriers.

Meet the Expert: The VDMA program at POWTECH

This year, Hall 2, booth 2-204 will not only host the VDMA Special Show, but also the associated Speakers Corner and other varied program items. Read here what you will find when and where.

STUDY Climate Risks - Request for Support

We need your support to better understand, also to be able to communicate it to the outside world, how the mechanical engineering industry is positioned in a topic that is currently gaining massive importance.

Sustainability and Additive Manufacturing

Board and technology working groups have prioritized the topic of sustainability in the context of AM. What is really sustainable about AM? Which system boundaries are considered? Facts & data on BestPractice examples will provide an overview.

Product Carbon Footprint calculation with "PCF STARTER

In today's environmentally conscious world, the user-friendly software "PCF STARTER" makes it easier for small and medium-sized companies to calculate and reduce their carbon footprint.

QM-Corner NRW - a new format with a successful start

QM-Corner NRW, that means one topic, one hour, online - the compact exchange among experts from the industry, this time on the topic "Sustainability meets Quality Management".

IEA proposes hydrogen classes based on emissions

In preparation for the G7 Summit in Japan, the IEA drafted a classification system for hydrogen, based on emissions released in the manufacturing process.

IEA - Energy Technology Perspectives 2023

The IEA examines current trends and risks of future energy technologies and recommends that responsible parties actively pursue solutions.

Prognos analyzes the gas consumption of value chains

On behalf of the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur), industrial sectors are analyzed for their importance in case of a gas shortage in order to enable better decisions for a shutdown sequence in case of a crisis.

Decision on chromium VI application for approval (CTAC) finally made - what's next?

The member companies of the VDMA use chromium trioxide (chromium VI) especially in the field of functional hard chrome plating or decorative chrome plating. Chromium VI is subject to approval by the EU chemicals regulation REACH. The approval procedure for functional hard chrome plating has now been completed after four years.

EV Outlook 2023 Analysis

In its EV Outlook 2023, the IEA presents current trends in the global EV market. This has continued to grow strongly over the past year and is driving further innovation.

OECD publishes updated guidelines

The OECD has published updated Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct by Multinational Enterprises, responding to social, environmental and technological challenges.

ERP system as the basis for sustainability reporting

Sustainability reports are also gaining central importance for mechanical and plant engineering. Many companies are not yet sufficiently prepared for the new requirements.

Planned PFAS ban sets off all alarm bells

The broad PFAS ban planned by the EU would set many industrial production processes back to the development level of 1950. The quality of basic services for everyone would be jeopardized manifold. Mechanical engineering industry is therefore calling for a different, strictly risk-based approach to regulation.

Preparatory procedure for awarding climate protection contracts

The Federal Ministry of Economy and Environment is planning to provide financial support for the conversion of production facilities to lower-emission processes.

"Amendments to climate protection law are practical"

VDMA supports the approach of aligning emission reductions with the 2030 target. The ambitious climate protection targets require strong changes and investments. The technical solutions are already in place and greentech offers global opportunities for German industry.

POWTECH virtua ltalk: EU Green Deal in the Bulk Solids Industry

In the virtual talk series, VDMA took over as moderator on June 20 and showed how the mechanical engineering industry is not only taking on the challenges of the EU Green Deal, but also driving solutions.

"Social aspects do not belong in the Ecodesign Regulation"

The planned new Ecodesign Regulation for Sustainable Products (ESPR) must not overburden companies. Social aspects do not belong there. In addition, duplicate regulations must be avoided.

Make EU due diligence legislation industry friendly!

The European supply chain law must not overburden medium-sized companies in particular. They need less pressure and bureaucracy right now in order to remain competitive.

LNG is a good alternative energy source

The current episode of the VDMA Industry Podcast is dedicated to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a bridging technology in mechanical and plant engineering. Industry needs to become independent of Russian gas and LNG offers a good opportunity here - if the infrastructure is right and the right political course is set.

"Nuclear fusion has a real perspective"

Nuclear fusion offers real long-term prospects as a new clean energy source. The German Ministry of Economics should follow the example of the Ministry of Research and promote nuclear fusion technology as its technology matures.

"It's time to pull the emergency brake"

The proposals for the European supply chain law overshoot the mark by a long way. It is therefore time to pull the emergency brake in the European Parliament. The planned requirements go far too far for medium-sized companies and will not improve human rights protection in the world.

Individual exemptions make no sense!

The EU Commission is considering exemptions for semiconductors and electrolysers in PFAS regulation. However, the approach of regulating 10,000 substances with individual exemptions is not manageable. General exemptions from the ban are needed for all PFAS substances that do not pose a relevant risk.

PFAS consultation: your participation is urgently needed

The proposed comprehensive restriction on the PFAS group of substances affects your business? Take part in ECHA's consultation now.

The 10 "R-strategies" of the circular economy

Maintaining products, components and materials at their highest utility and value, extending life cycles and thus reducing waste and resource consumption, that is the goal of the circular economy. The way to achieve this is to apply the 10 "R strategies" of the circular economy.

PFAS ban from VDMA's point of view: position paper published

Due to environmental and potential health hazards, the EU intends to restrict the broad group of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) under the REACH regulation.

No energy transition without PFAS

When things get "hot" in industrial production, PFAS are indispensable. The chemical substances can withstand high temperatures just as well as aggressive production environments. For seals, valves, hoses or compressors, there is often no substitute for PFAS. The EU's planned comprehensive ban on around 10,000 of these substances in one fell swoop would therefore have devastating consequences - especially for the technologies of the energy transition.

"Comprehensive PFAS ban would have devastating effect"

The EU's planned ban on the entire PFAS group of substances would endanger many industrial processes - especially the technologies of the energy transition. Many entrepreneurs from the mechanical and plant engineering sector are calling for the ban to be stopped and for a differentiated view of the substances.

Assessing company climate competence: new maturity model

The new VDMA maturity model enables companies to self-assess their level of climate ambition and competence as well as how they compare to the sector average.

CSRD: CSR reports mandatory for all non-SMEs in the future!

The revised CSR Directive significantly expands the circle of users: in Germany from currently around 500 to 15,000 companies! The final reporting standard (ESRS Set 1) is now available.

VDMA participates in public consultation on the first product groups under the new Ecodesign Regulation

The VDMA participated in a public consultation of the European Commission on the first product groups under the new Ecodesign Regulation for Sustainable Products (ESPR) on 11 May 2023.

On the draft of a German energy efficiency law

On April 18, 2023, the German cabinet presented a draft law to increase energy efficiency and amend the Energy Services Act. An overview of the current status.

Wind energy from the North Sea

So far, the offshore potential of the North Sea has remained largely untapped. Now the littoral states want to make speed - and double the wind energy output.

Delegation Green Gases Italy - apply now!

From November - 10, 2023, we will visit Italy's gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries to exchange ideas on supply security and climate-neutral solutions. Visits and presentations to EPCs and industry companies in Milan & Ravenna cluster.

Vera Fritsche on the goals of the EU Packaging Regulation

In an interview at interpack, Vera Fritsche of the VDMA talks about why the EU has launched the new regulation, what its objectives are and when it is due to come into force.

The privileges for net-zero technologies

As part of the Green Deal Industrial Plan, the EU Commission has published the Net-Zero Industry Act to boost green manufacturing in Europe. Which technologies will be favoured? And where will the funding come from?

Drastically subsidized industrial electricity price is misguided

A drastic across-the-board subsidy of the electricity price for energy-intensive companies is a mistake. This is because watering-can subsidies are a burden on federal finances and thus on the economy, including mechanical and plant engineering, as well as on citizens.

Gesetzliche Anforderungen

Gesetzliche Anforderungen
CSRD: CSR reports mandatory for all non-SMEs in the future!

The revised CSR Directive significantly expands the circle of users: in Germany from currently around 500 to 15,000 companies! The final reporting standard (ESRS Set 1) is now available.

EU Commission with ambitious circular economy package

"Closing the loop" is the motto of the EU Commission's comprehensive circular economy package. It aims to do much more than just save a little bit of resources and recycle a little bit more.

Threat or opportunity for mechanical and plant engineering?

The EU's Taxonomy Regulation makes it more difficult for mechanical and plant engineering companies to access financing for the development of energy-efficient technologies of the future - but it also offers opportunities.

Business and human rights: Corporate due diligence enshrined in law (LkSG and CSDD)

On February 23, 2022, European Commission presented its proposal for a directive on corporate due diligence in the field of sustainability. In Germany, the Bundestag has already passed a Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) in summer 2021.

EU Regulation: Due Diligence on Conflict Minerals

Since the beginning of 2021, importers of conflict minerals such as tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold from risk areas into the EU are subject to mandatory due diligence requirements.

Our expert and focus topics

Our expert and focus topics
PFAS - Indispensable for industrial processes
Industrially indispensable but facing a potential EU ban. Learn more about the reasons and consequences of the impending PFAS ban for machinery and plant engineering on the new VDMA expert topic page.
Go For Green Tech!
Mechanical and plant engineering is an enabler for climate protection and resource efficiency. Only with green technologies and innovative strength can climate targets be achieved and transformation shaped.
Green Deal
With the "Green Deal", the European Commission has presented a far-reaching program for more climate and environmental protection in the EU in 2019. The central goal is to become climate neutral by 2050, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% compared to 1990 emission levels and to further promote the circular economy in Europe.
Sustainability Management
Whether climate protection targets, suitability for grandchildren or human rights due diligence obligations - sustainability is on everyone's lips and the expectations on companies to act responsibly are constantly increasing.
Blue Competence
Blue Competence is an initiative of the VDMA aimed at promoting sustainability in the mechanical and plant engineering sector. At the same time, the initiative has the goal of informing the industry about sustainable solutions which will lead to new energy concepts, to the efficient use of limited resources, or to an improvement in the overall quality of life.
Circular Economy
The more people live on earth, the greater the demand for resources, the mountains of waste and the emission of climate gases are likely to become. In the future, it will no longer be enough to make raw material extraction and material processing more efficient.
International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic (ITRPV)
The International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic (ITRPV) is developed by the PV industry for the PV industry. Twice a year, data is collected from the contributors and processed anonymously as well as evaluated by the VDMA. Participation is free of charge.
Sustainable Processing and Packaging
With the Sustainable Processing and Packaging initiative, the VDMA wants to make a contribution to objectifying the discussion about packaging. In addition, we would like to highlight the many facets of sustainability, in both processing and packaging technology.
Battery Production
Electromobility and battery production are gaining ground worldwide, and this is just the beginning. To make the right decisions early and be competitive, it is essential to have your finger on the pulse of innovative production solutions.
Hydrogen Economy
The use of hydrogen offers enormous potential towards decarbonizing industries and achieving climate neutrality. Through the use of hydrogen and power-to-X (P2X), new value chains are emerging ranging from renewable energy plants, process engineering and components all the way to applications.

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To the point

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"We must ignite the necessary transformation turbo for investments in climate protection, efficiency and digitalisation. The mechanical and plant engineering sector is ready for this with a broad portfolio."

Karl Haeusgen, VDMA president

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of all biological waste accepted at waste disposal facilities was recycled in 2020. In total, private households in Germany composted around 2.6 million metric tons of biowaste in 2020. From this, biological waste treatment plants produced, among other things, 4.8 million metric tons of specification compost and 746.6 million cubic meters of biogas.

Source: Federal Statistical Office (Destatis)

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Fit for 55 - EU climate targets become concrete
    By 2030, the EU wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% compared to 1990 levels:
  • With its "Fit for 55“ package the EU Commission has published concrete measures to achieve its climate targets
  • The package comprises 13 measures - from energy taxation to energy efficiency
  • VDMA represents the political interests of its members in Brussels



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From 7 to 8 November 2023, the 14th German Mechanical Engineering Summit will once again take place in Berlin. Two days full of inspiration, innovation and networking with the who's who of mechanical and plant engineering. Secure your ticket now.

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Unsere Leistungen
FAQ on the subject of substance policy
Our FAQ provides answers to all important questions on the subject of "European substance law"
Climate-neutral production Guide
Our guideline demonstrates how you can produce in a climate-neutral way and implement reporting on the supply chain.
VDMA Database Technical Regulations (DaTeR)
Technical market access conditions, Japan RoHS or Korea REACH: In the VDMA-DaTeR you will find international regulatory guidelines and information from more than 70 countries.
Stay up to date: our newsletters on this topic
Subscribe now: The VDMA Newsletter Technology, Environment and Sustainability and the VDMA Newsletter Forum Climate and Energy provide information on all important innovations in the field of energy and sustainability on a regular basis.
CSR-Management: Software Offer in Cooperation with the VDMA
In cooperation with the sustainability startup Verso, we are offering you a software-based controlling and reporting tool with which you can control your company's internal CSR management.
Substance Policy Working Group
The Substance Policy working group is concerned with all questions relating to the topic of substance regulations and the obligations they entail for the mechanical and plant engineering sector. Among others, the CLP Regulation, the REACH Regulation, the POP Regulation and the RoHS Directive play an important role.
Corporate Responsibility Working Group
The working group addresses strategic issues of sustainability and ecosocially responsible corporate management.
Working Group Industry Dialogue Human Rights
The German government is launching a company survey ("monitoring") on the subject of human rights. The VDMA expects this to set the course for future specifications. It is therefore essential for as many companies as possible to participate!



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