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Demand for climate-friendly energy technologies is growing rapidly. Here, mechanical and plant engineering can expand its key position as a supplier and user of sustainable energy systems. However, this will only succeed if energy costs do not develop into a locational disadvantage and technology paths remain explicitly open through forward-looking legislation.

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National Business and Human Rights Action Plan (NAP)

The German federal government examines the extent to which companies based in Germany comply with their human rights due diligence obligations. Decisions on further legal steps are dependent on this.

VDMA supports on the way to climate-neutral production

Climate-neutral production is a challenge along the entire value chain and occupies many companies. For this reason, the VDMA has now published a practical guide for the mechanical and plant engineering sector.

Difficult matter

Numerous directives and ordinances regulate in detail which substances are to be avoided or reported. But the requirements are complex and often difficult to implement in practice.

Climate-neutral and energy-efficient buildings - Is there anything left?

The Building Energy Act GEG, which has been in force since November 2020, does not seem sufficiently ambitious with regard to the defined climate targets. Where do we go from here?

Market outlook in the onshore and offshore wind energy industry

Wind energy is seen as a key player in the energy transition and the green economic recovery after COVID-19, but the political framework is holding back German suppliers.

KHIMIA 2021 end of October with federal participation

Trade fairs in Moscow underway - Entry from Europe possible again without problems - Russia strong process technology market - register now

Standardization Textile on Microplastics and Circular Economy

Under the umbrella theme of sustainability, the international standardisation in the textile sector on microplastics and the circular economy is repositioning itself and additionally expanding its radius of action.

New EU - Strategy "Circular Textile Economy

Under the umbrella of the EU Green Deal, the European Commission intends to develop a strategy on "Circular Textile Economy". A strategy adopted by the Commission is expected towards the end of 2021.

New EU - Strategy "Circular Textile Economy

Under the umbrella of the EU Green Deal, the European Commission intends to develop a strategy on "Circular Textile Economy". A strategy adopted by the Commission is expected towards the end of 2021.

Ecodesign and Eco Labelling Working Plan 2020-2024

An ambitious goal of the EU sustainability strategy is to move from a linear to a circular economy. Here, the product-related regulatory measures under the Ecodesign Directive 2009/12/EC are available as a basis, among others.

Tendering for wind energy: increase in approvals clearly visible

The results of the second tender were published on 14.06.2021.

VDMA East places urgent issues at the top of the agenda

Climate, free trade and digital transformation are three major topics for the VDMA. But eastern German companies are still struggling with completely different problems, as the conversation with the VDMA President showed.

Successfully populate SCIP database

Since the beginning of the year, suppliers in the EU have been obliged to report products containing substances of very high concern.

EU Chemicals Strategy and ECHA 5-Year Report

The EU Green Deal sets a high goal for a pollution-free environment. The Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability of October 2020 is one of the implementations of this goal.

News from Brussels: new web seminar series starts

Attention all those interested in Europe! With our new web seminar series "EU Bubble Talks - 30 minutes insights from Brussels" we take a look behind the scenes of European politics and take you with us.

Abolition of rotating radio beacons is important for the expansion of wind energy

Announcement by the Federal Ministry of Economics on the abolition of rotating radio beacons

Working groups: Everything you need to know at a glance

The VDMA East working groups provide important impulses for your daily work. They show best practice examples, provide valuable suggestions and promote contacts among members - currently also in web meetings.

Supply chain law - paper tiger or sharp sword?

The Supply Chain Act is as good as passed. The "Tech Affair - Industry for Future" podcast from the VDW shows just how divided opinions are on the subject with a pointed debate. In this case, a significantly involved politician is also on board when it comes to the question "Supply chains: Who's going to fix it?"

Webinar Series Oil & Gas, Energy Market Brazil

Business opportunities and sustainable development in the Brazilian energy market: from the booming oil & gas sector to the energy transition

Power Talk Floating Offshore Wind

In this Power Talk, Mr. James shares his insights on the future potential of Floating Offshore Wind

Klimarunde BAU positions itself

Initiative pro climate and resource protection: Both VDMA Construction – Equipment and Plant Engineering and Air-Handling Technology are involved in the initiative.

Envisioning Floating Offshore-Wind: A Manufacturers Perspective

VDMA presents the positive effects of offshore wind energy on value creation in remote coastal regions in a case study for the EU Blue Economy Report 2021 and addresses a broad European public.

Power Talk: Climate Neutral 2045? The new climate protection law from the VDMA's point of view

In this Power Talk the climate protection law is evaluated from the point of view of the VDMA.

Up to 10 million euros: Subsidies for energy efficiency

Which subsidies are available for energy efficiency and what do I have to look out for when applying?

Application deadline for the German Innovation Award for Climate and Environment 2022 until 21 June 2021

The Federal Ministry for the Environment awards innovative climate and environmentally friendly processes, products and services as well as technology transfer solutions for emerging and developing countries with 175,000 euros. All companies, research institutions and individuals based in Germany can take part in the competition.

Paris Agreement changes economy and society

The Paris Agreement changes the framework conditions for oil-producing countries. They are reacting by expanding alternative energies and entering into hydrogen production.

More emissions trading instead of small-scale regulation

The mechanical and plant engineering sector supports the European climate targets and also the proposed addition to emissions trading for the buildings and transport sectors. However, the path to the climate target must be flexible.

VDMA exhibition lists for important process industries

Every year, more than 600 VDMA members supply process technology components and systems to 150 countries around the world. Here you will find the current process technology trade fair lists.

Inspire young people with emotions instead of classic careers

A poor plastics image has an impact on attracting young talent. Companies therefore have a great need for information and the creation of awareness. The plastics machinery manufacturer Kurtz Ersa is setting a good example.

Combustion engines: fit for the future

Internal combustion engines can already be operated in a completely climate-neutral manner today, opening up considerable potential for rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

EU proposal to extend deadline for transitional engines

The European Commission yesterday, 18 May 2021, published a legislative proposal to amend Regulation (EU) 2016/1628 in relation to the transitional provisions for certain machinery with engines in the power range between 56 kW and 130 kW and above 300 kW to take into account the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

"Industry makes an enormous contribution to climate protection"

The mechanical engineering industry is clearly committed to the Paris climate targets. What is controversial is how to get there. VDMA President Karl Haeusgen, together with VDA President Hildegard Müller, makes it clear in an interview: "Technology openness is essential for climate protection.

Sustainability is the key issue of the future

For 82 percent of German SMEs, sustainability is crucial to their own future viability and to maintaining their economic performance.

New federal subsidy for serial renovation

On 07 May 2021, the funding programme "Federal funding serial refurbishment" started. The Federal Ministry of Economics is thus providing further impetus for the energy turnaround in the building sector.

Amendment to the Packaging Act passed

On May 6, 2021, the Bundestag passed the draft law to implement requirements of the Single-Use Plastics Directive and the Waste Framework Directive in the Packaging Act and other laws.

Don't misuse climate protection in the election campaign

With its climate protection law, the German government is campaigning for the elections by increasingly tightening the timetable. In doing so, it is deliberately concealing the high transformation efforts that will have to be made by citizens and companies.

eurammon Symposium 2021 - The natural path to net-zero

The central meeting of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry will take place in digital form from 14 to 18 June. Continuation of the virtual format with top-class speakers.

Raul Corredera Haener is the new President of EUROVENT

The new Eurovent Board was elected during the 65th General Assembly. Corredera succeeds Sahin. VDMA represented on the Board by Dr. Thomas Schräder.

How your company can also produce climate neutrally

Companies can reduce their climate footprint with their own climate strategy. There are already many ready-to-use tools, aids and measures. The VDMA guide also helps.

Future for the combustion engine?

The current study "Drivetrain in Transition" examines the future of mobility. It predicts that the combustion engine will lose much of its importance, but also considers an alternative scenario.

Hydrogen map is in the making

In order to be able to exploit the enormous possibilities offered by hydrogen, the Federal Government has developed the national hydrogen strategy. It is flanked by research projects supported by for example the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Sterner of the East Bavarian Technical University Regensburg, the Hydrogen Atlas of Germany is being developed in cooperation with the VDMA.

"Climate protection is turning into shadow boxing"

One of the tasks of the new coalition will be to translate the democratically legitimized concepts, which will also contain impositions, into binding and calculable specifications. The mechanical and plant engineering industry is always available as a solution provider for such a debate.

“Kalte Dunkelflaute” Requires up to 10 GW of Backup Power

A strong and reliable electricity market design is imperative to guarantee the refinancing of rarely used backup power plants. Can the energy-only market still deliver?

In the bathroom, hygiene and sustainability go hand in hand

Touchless taps and flushing systems help save water I Rising drinking water consumption indicates need for efficient solutions

Discussion of latest results of the 12th edition of the International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic (ITRPV)

In an online seminar on April 29, 2021 VDMA presented the new edition of the International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic.

VDMA Online Seminar: Photovoltaics in Brazil

Dr. Jutta Trube and Thomas Ulbrich discussed the current market situation and the prospects for solar energy in Brazil with experts from the Brazilian solar energy association ABSOLAR, the VDMA member company Stäubli do Brasil and the managing director of RCT Solutions GmbH.

"Climate protection needs cooperation and innovation instead of pettiness and prohibitions".

Politicians and industry alike are called upon to set the course for more climate protection. There is a need for genuine global cooperation and an international greenhouse gas pricing system. Greenhouse gas reduction must be open to all technologies.

16th MiningForum: new Date 2022

Join us and present your expertise on 19 and 20 May 2022 in Berlin.

Wind energy: Continued attention to permits and areas necessary

The tender results for onshore wind with a bid date of 1 February were published today.

Material Compliance - Knowing and fulfilling manufacturer obligations

What are the manufacturer obligations in the area of material compliance and how can they be fulfilled?

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CSR reports mandatory for all non-KMUS in the future?!

On 21 April 2021, the EU Commission published a proposal for the revision of the so-called CSR Directive (Non Financial Reporting Directive - NFRD), which has been in force in Germany since 2017, and which would significantly expand the scope of application.

EU Commission with ambitious circular economy package

"Closing the loop" is the motto of the EU Commission's comprehensive circular economy package. It aims to do much more than just save a little bit of resources and recycle a little bit more.

One year later - one year greener?

Green Deal: The VDMA European Office takes a look at some of the planned measures and their potential impact on the mechanical engineering sector.

Threat or opportunity for mechanical and plant engineering?

The EU's Taxonomy Regulation makes it more difficult for mechanical and plant engineering companies to access financing for the development of energy-efficient technologies of the future - but it also offers opportunities.

National Business and Human Rights Action Plan (NAP)

The German federal government examines the extent to which companies based in Germany comply with their human rights due diligence obligations. Decisions on further legal steps are dependent on this.

EU Regulation: Due Diligence on Conflict Minerals

Since the beginning of 2021, importers of conflict minerals such as tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold from risk areas into the EU are subject to mandatory due diligence requirements.

CSR-RUG / CSR Directive under revision

The directive obliges certain companies in the EU to disclose non-financial aspects in or in addition to their annual report. This directive is currently under revision until 2021.

To the point

To the point

Auf den Punkt Zitat Sustainability

"In our view, the existing gap to achieving national climate targets can only be closed through market-based approaches."

Karl Haeusgen, VDMA President

Auf den Punkt Zahl Sustainability


Percent of German businesses

expect to be able to expand into new areas of business in the course of the energy transition.

Source: VDMA Energy Transition Barometer 2019

Auf den Punkt Zusammenfassung Nachhaltigkeit

EU - renovation wave
    A summary of the most important measures:
  • Mandatory minimum standards for overall energy efficiency are to be proposed by the end of 2021
  • Digital facility logs are expected to improve conditions enabling gradual renovation
  • Proposals for an EED revision set to be available by June 2021

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VDMA Focus-Topic

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Climate-Neutral Production

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Circular Economy

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Other VDMA Services
FAQ on the subject of substance policy
Our FAQ provides answers to all important questions on the subject of "European substance law"
Climate-neutral production Guide
Our guideline demonstrates how you can produce in a climate-neutral way and implement reporting on the supply chain.
VDMA Database Technical Regulations (DaTeR)
Technical market access conditions, Japan RoHS or Korea REACH: In the VDMA-DaTeR you will find international regulatory guidelines and information from more than 70 countries.
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Subscribe now: The VDMA Newsletter Technology, Environment and Sustainability and the VDMA Newsletter Forum Climate and Energy provide information on all important innovations in the field of energy and sustainability on a regular basis.
CSR-Management: Software Offer in Cooperation with the VDMA
In cooperation with the sustainability startup Verso, we are offering you a software-based controlling and reporting tool with which you can control your company's internal CSR management.
Substance Policy Working Group
The Substance Policy working group is concerned with all questions relating to the topic of substance regulations and the obligations they entail for the mechanical and plant engineering sector. Among others, the CLP Regulation, the REACH Regulation, the POP Regulation and the RoHS Directive play an important role.
Corporate Responsibility Working Group
The working group addresses strategic issues of sustainability and ecosocially responsible corporate management.
Working Group Industry Dialogue Human Rights
The German government is launching a company survey ("monitoring") on the subject of human rights. The VDMA expects this to set the course for future specifications. It is therefore essential for as many companies as possible to participate!


Sustainability & Energy Committee
VDMA-Ausschuss Umweltpolitik

The VDMA Environmental Policy Committee deals with environmental policy issues for the mechanical and plant engineering industry. These include, among others, the topics of recycling management, product-related environmental protection, operational environmental protection and sustainability. The committee deals with European and national as well as international topics. In addition to the transfer of knowledge and environmental policy news, it is also concerned with the preparation of statements. The committee meets twice a year and the number of seats is limited.


Stefanie Grubert

Bosch Rexroth AG


Brückner, Sarah Dr.

Sustainability & Energy Committee
Ausschuss Klima- und Energiepolitik
The Committee's areas of responsibility are in particular: - issues relating to climate and energy policy in general - Questions concerning the political framework conditions for the fields of energy conversion and energy efficiency in particular In doing so, the committee takes both an outward (politics, ministries, BDI, public, etc.) and an inward (VDMA organization) perspective of the tasks.


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