Digitalization & Industrie 4.0
Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning: The digital transformation has long since arrived in mechanical engineering. However, the associated dynamics repeatedly present every company with the challenge of recognizing and successfully exploiting existing digitization potential.

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Become an exhibitor and speaker at CMM 2022

The user conference for the mobile use of intelligent technology on 5. 6. October 2022 in Hannover, Germany

Facilitating the selection of software systems for machine builders

New VDMA Software and Digitalization publication now available in German and English for machine and plant builders

Whitepaper: Examples of platform-based value networks in digital ecosystems

New whitepaper from VDMA Informatik shows how platforms and services based on them are organized, and how value creation takes place within them in concrete terms.

Investments in Industry 4.0

With the model-based online tool "Investment Calculator 4.0" and the accompanying guide, the VDMA is setting new standards in the economic evaluation of digitization projects.

Always up to date

Are you interested in news, events and trend topics relating to digitization in mechanical and plant engineering? Stay up to date with our app "VDMA Software & Digitalization".

The VDMA at glasstec 2022

As the conceptual sponsor and cooperation partner of Messe Düsseldorf, the VDMA Glass Technology Forum is responsible for key programme content at the glasstec conference and activities at its own stand in Hall 15B26.

VDMA trip to the USA for digital agricultural technology solutions


Technology Tour LFF Bochum

The event provided an overview of innovations and methods in production systems in the context of Industry 4.0 and highlighted areas of application during a virtual tour.

Securing the markets of the future with Market Intelligence?

Market Intelligence - is market data the key to keeping an eye on developments in mechanical engineering and making better strategic decisions? A VDMA-wide survey reveals.

automatica 2022 a complete success!

After four years of waiting, automatica - the leading trade fair for smart automation and robotics - presented itself as a driving force for the industry 547 exhibitors from 35 countries and more than 28,000 visitors from 75 countries made it a complete success!

Disrupted supply chains and procurement problems will keep us busy for many months to come

Interview with Gerd Weissenfels, Managing Partner IBEDA Sicherheitsgeräte und Gastechnik GmbH & Co. KG

bauma TALK 4 - Mining - sustainable, efficient and reliable

For the first time, bauma is offering a five-part webinar series on the key topics of the trade fair in cooperation with the VDMA.

Board Meeting: Exciting Discussions and Wild Horses

After intensive discussions on the state of the industry and the further development of VDMA Mining (digitalisation and processing), the visit to the wild horse track brought some variety and fresh air.

AI- Insights into the production of tomorrow

Science and industry work hand in hand at the Buschhütten Campus. The Lab Tour provided a look at current research projects as well as solutions for digitalization and automation.

We help to avoid waste

Way2K: Industry interview in the lead-up to the K 2022 trade fair with with Dr. Simon Bard, Product Manager Extrusion at Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Digital product passport I EU Commission paves the way

A topic of the valve industry that is more than ten years old and most recently dealt with again in the VDMA digitalization network Valves, has now arrived in Brussels: The digital nameplate/product passport.

Hannover Messe 2022: The transformation of industry is in full swing

Hannover Messe 2022 was not only the return of the most important industry show to the big stage, but also a strong signal: medium-sized mechanical and plant engineering companies are developing the production solutions for a changing world.

Launch of the "NRW - Economy in Transition" competition

For the fifth time, the NRW Ministry of Economic Affairs is the patron of the "NRW Economy in Transition" competition. Applications are open until June 30, 2022.

Adoption of the data governance law

The Data Governance Act shall apply from 24 September 2023. This law is an important part of the EU's data strategy, which aims to strengthen the data economy.

VDMA Digital Farming Working Group

On May 24, 2022, the Digital Farming working group met in Leipzig for the 16th time. The working group deals with new topics related to the digitalization of agricultural technology and agriculture.

Anchoring sustainability with foresight for the long term

A successful event: on May 11, 2022, 60 participants exchanged views on top issues ranging from sustainability management and climate neutrality to "zero impact" in raw materials at the Corporate Foresight spring conference. Exciting presentations, interesting discussions and inspiring networking.

"Successfully implementing Industrie 4.0 in the future!"

Current brochure bundles the association's internal know-how on current activities related to digitization and Industrie 4.0. The VDMA is represented at the Hannover Messe with numerous activities in this regard.

Cybercrime and the consequences

The number of hacker attacks in the mechanical and plant engineering sector is on the rise. More and more VDMA member companies are reporting attacks on office and production systems within the company. Already almost 40 percent of the attacks lead to production downtimes. How can medium-sized companies in particular arm themselves against attacks in advance or react correctly in the event of an actual attack?

Power Transmission Engineering and Fluid Power showcase sustainable and digital solutions

Trade show appearance with live demonstration of digital twins - Significant sales increases in 2021 - Rising energy prices and unstable supply chains cloud prospects

Implementation status VDA 5050

A current survey is intended to provide information on how widespread the VDA 5050 communication interface is among member companies and at what version status. All VDMA members with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and AGV master control systems in their product portfolio are invited to participate.

Optimise processes and save costs with assistance systems

Whether navigation, monitoring or data integration: assistance systems effectively support production. With their help, processes can be optimised and costs reduced at the same time.

VDMA establishes new digitaLegis working group

The digitaLegis working group deals with the interface between digitization and law: In the course of digitization, legal aspects are increasingly becoming more important.

SME Consultation

Successful with digital business models

Agricultural machinery manufacturers set milestone in machine and process networking

Highly networked production processes have long been part of everyday life in modern agriculture. Digital technologies are their tools, which now extend far beyond the individual machine and the individual farm.

Technology Transfer Industry 4.0 - Human-Robot Collaboration

Human-robot collaboration in production is intended to combine the strengths of humans and robots. But before that, it is necessary to examine which processes are suitable for this.

STILL and SYNAOS enter into partnership

STILL and SYNAOS, two AGV Mesh-Up participants, announce a new partnership to further establish automated guided vehicles.

Another milestone reached: VDMA Software and Digitalization counts 500 member companies

The current number of members of the VDMA Software und Digitalisierung shows how enormously the networking of the software industry and mechanical engineering has increased.

Lab Tour: Data Analytics for SMEs - Generating added value from ideas on May 19, 2022

The event at the Technologie Campus Grafenau offers you an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with other companies, gain insights into the current state of research and at the same time, learn more from the areas of data preparation and data analytics (Big Data) using market-oriented research examples.

Practical examples of cyber security and platform economy at AMB 2022

On the occasion of ABM 2022, VDMA Software and Digitization is putting the spotlight on important trend topics in the fields of cybersecurity and digitization.

"New skills needed for digital transformation"

Technological changes require new skills from employees. A study by VDMA and Kienbaum shows which future skills are crucial for digitalization in mechanical and plant engineering.

CSR reporting requirements & ERP systems as data sources

ERP systems are an important source of data for corporate carbon footprints and play an important role in the preparation of a CSR report.

"Implementing digitization consistently!"

Successful digital transformation in mechanical and plant engineering succeeds when everyone pulls in the same direction and keeps the customer's requirements in mind.

European cybersecurity at the crossroads of regulation, standardization, practice & law enforcement

Panel discussion on IT security at Hannover Messe 2022, June 1, 2022, Hall 18, H'Up

Shaping legislation in a practical and differentiated way

The German mechanical and plant engineering sector is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises and is strongly export-oriented. In global competition, it is subject to the same legal requirements as large companies and international corporations. The digital transformation, geopolitical upheavals, crises and increasing compliance and sustainability requirements pose enormous challenges for all companies. However, medium-sized companies have fewer resources at their disposal. This requires flexibility and a sense of proportion when it comes to legislation.

Large-scale plant engineering consistently exploits the potential of digitization

93 percent of companies already see themselves as well prepared for the digital transformation - Covid-19 pandemic acts as accelerator

Startup Speaker Slots at the VDMA Technology Forum at AMB

There are 2022 startup solutions for metalworking to discover at the VDMA Technology Forum at AMB. Startups and machine builders who would like to participate can apply now.

Fluid Power 4.0 - a complete success at Hannover Messe 2022!

Everyone is talking about the digital twin - we showed it live! In Hall 6, B51, trade fair visitors could try it out for themselves: touch real products, scan QR codes and look at Digital Twins.

User experience makes it possible to make complex issues accessible and tangible for everyone.

VDMA found out how important a good user experience (UX) is in an interview with Nils Clark-Bernhard, macio GmbH, and David Baier, Weidmueller GTI Software GmbH.

AI startups with relevance for drone applications

Artificial intelligence is also increasingly relevant for drone applications. A new startup overview from the Industrial Drone Solutions consortium profiles young AI companies.

VDMA’s initial assessment of the Data Act

VDMA has completed an initial assessment of the Data Act: the obligation to provide data and the fairness test for contractual B2B agreements are particularly critical.

Agreement with the USA on Privacy Shield improvements

The EU and the US announced on 23 March 2022 that they had reached a political agreement on a Trans-Atlantic data protection framework. However, it is not yet a done deal.

Updated FAQ on Tracking, Cookies & Co.

Revised FAQ of the LfDI Baden-Württemberg provides valuable advice for websites, apps, but also IoT devices.

EU Consultation on Standard Essential Patents

New EU legislation on SEPs: Commission seeks input for consultation

AI in the production context on site

Artificial intelligence can not only provide support in the production context, but also offers assistance in administrative areas.

Manufacturers of injection molding machines and robots test OPC 40079

Real-time communication for Industrie 4.0-enabled automation solutions


As an open interface standard, OPC UA is a central prerequisite for the successful introduction of Industrie 4.0 in production. OPC UA ensures the interoperability of machines and systems, which can be linked and redesigned as required via Plug & Work - platform-independent and cross-manufacturer.
Artificial Intelligence
Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning. At VDMA, there are already many organizational units that are examining the topic more closely. Here, you can gain some insight into all the activities that the VDMA is conducting on the topic of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
When it comes to security at the VDMA, everything revolves around protecting machines and systems in production, manufacturing or intralogistics from attacks and disruptions. The aim of these organizational and technical protective measures is to develop cyber-resilient machines and systems and trustworthy services while reliably maintaining their permanent operation.
Networking in the value chain can only succeed if there are uniform norms and standards. OPC UA is the central building block for interoperability in production. Planning, construction, simulation, utilization and recycling are components of the life cycle and require cross-manufacturer interfaces.
Platform economy
The mechanical engineering industry is successfully advancing the digital transformation. So far, this has primarily concerned manufacturing, but in the future it will also involve new business models. Digital platforms and the associated platform economy are going to play an ever more prominent role, and value creation in the mechanical engineering industry is increasingly taking place via digital services.
The audio blog for trend topics from mechanical and plant engineering
Intelligent Production
Industry 4.0 necessitates changes at all corporate levels and throughout the entire value chain. Industry 4.0 is associated with a new way of thinking about the organization of processes. Ultimately, what counts for companies is creating added value.

To the point

To the point

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"OPC UA ensures the interoperability of machines and systems, which can be linked and redesigned as required via Plug & Work - platform-independent and cross-manufacturer."

Andreas Faath

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More than 90 percent of the survey participants for whom OPC UA is of high importance have already implemented interfaces or will implement them in the future.

Source: VDMA-Studie "Interoperabilität im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau" 2021

Auf den Punkt Zusammenfassung Digitalisierung

Added value of data sovereignty for companies
  • Improvement of production processes
  • New cooperations within value creation networks
  • Generation of new business processes



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Further VDMA Services
eMagazine "Digital Transformation"
In the digital publication, you can see that German companies can already provide a whole range of products and solutions so that digitalization can be developed and implemented in companies.
Consultation offer Digitization and Industry 4.0
The competence overview for mechanical and plant engineering regarding the range of consulting offered by software manufacturers. This enables companies to pinpoint appropriate first steps in addressing the respective issues within their value chain, and to utilize this expertise in finding their own individual path toward digitalization and Industry 4.0.
Database OPC UA Companion Specifications
In our database you can find all Companion Specifications created by VDMA working groups. The entries can be browsed, filtered by output period and downloaded as an Excel file.
Guideline "Added Value by Software" 2021
Digital platforms and artificial intelligence are integral parts of digital solutions and thus a key success factor on the path to greater customer benefits. The current industry guideline "Added Value by Software" presents possible ideas and application examples that can also be implemented in your company.
Industry 4.0 Guide
Our guide is a practice-oriented tool that offers you specific entry points for identifying and introducing business models for Industry 4.0.
Guide on Marketing Digital Services
The guide "Successfully marketing digital offerings" assists you in identifying types of digital services and provides practical recommendations for successful marketing.
Self-learning production processes guide
Our "Self-learning production processes" guide demonstrates how to use reinforcement learning in order to optimize your products and processes.


Working Group Research Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence
The "Research Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence" working group aims to initiate pre-competitive and cross-industry research projects in the field of Industry 4.0 and AI. VDMA members who are interested are very welcome to join.nical engineering sector with the innovation centers of German research institutes.
Expert Group Machine Learning
Among other things, the VDMA committee develops Use Cases on the topic of Machine Learning.
30 OPC UA working groups
The VDMA coordinates the activities of around 30 working groups that are defining a common, cross-industry language between machines and plants in the form of "OPC UA Companion Specifications".


Digitalization & Industrie 4.0 Committee
Computer Science Committee
The task of the Informatics Committee is in particular to coordinate the work of the VDMA Informatics Department and to manage its content.


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