Digitalization & Industrie 4.0
Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning: The digital transformation has long since arrived in mechanical engineering. However, the associated dynamics repeatedly present every company with the challenge of recognizing and successfully exploiting existing digitization potential.

Themenfeldgrafik Digitalisierung und Industrie 4.0

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Manufacturing-X: On the road to digital sovereignty

In order to remain at the technological forefront and enable climate protection, the world of production must change. It needs more knowledge about all processes and materials in the value network, and it needs more cooperation toward a sovereign production location in Europe. The "Manufacturing-X" initiative is intended to make this possible.

CMM 2022 in Hannover

The industry of an age of mobile, autonomous, intelligent systems and machines met at CMM in Hannover, Germany, on October 6-7, 2022.

Facilitating the selection of software systems for machine builders

New VDMA Software and Digitalization publication now available in German and English for machine and plant builders

Whitepaper: Examples of platform-based value networks in digital ecosystems

New whitepaper from VDMA Informatik shows how platforms and services based on them are organized, and how value creation takes place within them in concrete terms.

Always up to date

Are you interested in news, events and trend topics relating to digitization in mechanical and plant engineering? Stay up to date with our app "VDMA Software & Digitalization".

Good news on the road to digital sovereignty for companies and the economy

Progress is being made on the road to digital sovereignty. The Manufacturing-X initiative has broad support from policymakers, industry and associations. Manufacturing-X offers the opportunity for a data ecosystem for manufacturing that guarantees digital sovereignty for companies.

Communication and interface standard I++ DME is further developed in the VDMA

I++ DME is an industry standard for manufacturer-independent communication and control of coordinate measuring machines. The increasing networking of sensors, production and measurement technology in the context of Industry 4.0 makes the further development of the standard necessary.

Uninterrupted gas supply thanks to digital networking

Interview with Georg Brügge, Managing Director IBEDA Sicherheitsgeräte und Gastechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Gamification - A Gamechanger for the Industry?

The approach of gamification becomes more and more important for the industry. This is understood to mean the transfer of game-typical elements and processes into non-game contexts. The declared goal is to bring about an increase in motivation and the associated change in behavior among users. But how can the (innate) human play instinct be used meaningfully for corporate purposes?

High-speed ISOBUS is coming

In order to be able to standardize the successor to the now 30-year-old ISOBUS across all industries, the joint working group JWG16 was founded at ISO.

VDMA positions on EU issues at a glance

Whether it's new free trade agreements, legislation to achieve climate targets or proposals on digitalization and much more - the European Office in Brussels advocates for the interests of the mechanical engineering industry at European level.

Wave of warnings in connection with the use of "Google Fonts

How to deal with a warning letter due to the use of "Google Fonts"?

Hannover Messe 2023 - Joint stand software and digitalization

From April 17 to April 21, 2023, the world's leading trade fair for industry will take place in Hannover.

China: New regulations on cross-border data transfer

Since September 1, 2022, new cybersecurity regulations have been in effect in China. VDMA's policy briefing shows the implications for the industry, especially for the transfer of personal data.

bauma 2022 - great success for MiC 4.0

Even before the official opening ceremony, the MiC 4.0 Cluster 7 attachments tools could cheer, because they won the Bauma Innovation Award in the digitalisation category by a wide margin.

Metrology Cloud as a trustworthy platform in metrology and calibration

To promote the digital transformation in legal metrology, the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) had initiated the development of a coordinated European digital quality infrastructure. The weighing industry is helping to shape the German implementation project.

Industrial VISION Days 2022 - presentations on demand

If you could not see all the lectures at the Industrial VISION Days 2022, missed VISION 2022 altogether or would like to recapture a bit of the VISION feeling: VISION is once again offering all the lectures "on demand". Benefit from the bundled know-how of the machine vision industry. At any time. From anywhere in the world.

VDMA pushes standards to optimize interoperability

Association talks at DIN and the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL) on missing standards in agricultural technology and improving the interoperability of agricultural machinery.

Startups for the mining of the future

Discover startups that bring sustainability, efficiency and safety to the mining industry at bauma 2022. Here's an overview of our exhibitors.

VDMA Publication "MES and Industrial IIoT

New white paper shows requirements for store floor IT to achieve successful smart manufacturing.

"Digitizing the entire production process with Logistics 4.0".

The production process must also be increasingly digitized in mechanical and plant engineering. However, essential data is often missing for this. And time is pressing.

Manufacturing-X: Unique opportunity for the target image of a digital and sovereign industry

Manufacturing-X offers what is probably a unique opportunity to transform the strength of industrial production in Germany and Europe into the strength of data-based, intelligently networked value creation.

All machines must speak the same language

Interview with Thorsten Kühmann, Managing Director of the VDMA Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association, at K 2022

Beaming winners at the awards ceremony

Eagerly awaited, the secret of this year's award winners was revealed on Sunday at the Munich Residenz.

Traceability as a basic prerequisite for successful and sustainable management

The VDMA found out how important tracking and tracing technologies are in an interview with Dr. Alexander Schließmann, FORCAM GmbH and Manuel Schreiner, Accso Accelerated Solutions GmbH.

Metaverse - A benefit for the industry?

For some time now, the metaverse has been a much-discussed trend topic. It is a digital space in which virtual, augmented and physical reality merge as seamlessly as possible. Thus, digital representations of people ("avatars") can interact with each other and with digital objects in a virtual environment. But what impact does this have on industrial companies?

Storytelling at the Mechanical Engineering Summit: This is what "Future Services" in mechanical engineering look like

The VDMA future study "Future Services 2025" was also presented at the Mechanical Engineering Summit 2022. 3 speakers told their respective service stories.

The transfer of personal data to the USA

US President Biden brought forward on 7 October 2022 a new data privacy agreement with the EU through an Executive Order.

Machines in Construction develops data interface

New MiC 4.0 BUS enables simpler work processes through barrier-free and direct data exchange between attachments and construction machinery.

Future of Industrial Usability

Future of Industrial Usability on October 26 and 27, 2022 in Würzburg provides answers. The event serves as a platform where experts report on the latest developments and where genuine exchange is possible - across industries and in a practical manner.

New ways in production strengthen tomorrow's competitiveness

In mechanical engineering, too, global megatrends such as digitization and sustainability are shaping tomorrow's production. The Next Generation Manufacturing study examines how companies are preparing for this challenge.

EU Data Act and industrial data: More risks than opportunities?

The Data Act reshuffles the cards for the data economy by proposing new rules for access to operational data. For manufacturers of connected machines, the Act creates both difficulties and opportunities.

Smart sales with the product configurator

Every company wants to accelerate sales processes and close more deals. A product configurator that addresses precisely this issue was the focus of the latest meeting of the DigitalizationNetwork Valves.

Mechanical engineering in the transformation process

In the focus topic "Mechanical engineering in the transformation process", the participants of this year's Mechanical Engineering Summit heard varied presentations on the digital transformation in companies.

Investment in IT security essential

Prevention is everything - but what can companies do if they are hit by insidious hacker attacks. Answers to this question are available in Berlin.

Business Transformation - The Opportunity for Machinery and Plant Engineering

The publication provides industrial SMEs with practical guidance for the successful development of an individual strategy and roadmap for holistic digitization.

Digitalization and cybersecurity of our (waste)water systems

Online event of the EU-funded, German-Danish project. Digitalization in the water sector is gaining importance against the background of increased cyber attacks as well as its protection.

The new MTP standard works!

Recent plug event takes new standard for ship automation a big step forward

Policymakers must implement digital strategy quickly

German mechanical and plant engineering is a leader in industrial digitization. It creates the conditions for intelligent production and new business models and has the potential to ensure further prosperity. With its digital strategy, the German government is attempting to leverage this potential and has announced, among other things, that it will establish the data infrastructures for a functioning data economy. This must be implemented quickly and funding must be secured.

glasstec 2022 a great success

The VDMA Forum Glass Technology as the conceptual sponsor draws a positive conclusion, especially with a view to the future significance of machine trade fairs.

Field of tension "Free data traffic - Industrial Security

For foreign companies, secure cross-border data exchange with China involves enormous effort and there are numerous aspects to consider.

Digital spare parts management in practice

Efficient spare parts management is an important building block in the after-sales business. After-sales-applications ensure the availability of spare parts at agricultural machinery manufacturer Claas.

VDMA Blockchain Panel discusses the use of blockchain technology in logistics and defines future topics

The last meeting of the VDMA Blockchain Panel focused on research results and practical examples of Blockchain at the Institute of Logistics and Business Management at the Technical University of Hamburg, followed by an exchange on the expected impact of a decentralized and token-based economy on industrial companies. Finally, the focus turned to the future and the future working topics of the panel were defined.

Uniform cybersecurity requirements are the only right way forward

European industry is increasingly affected by cyber-attacks, almost all of which are due to vulnerabilities in information technology. Production downtimes are regularly the result. It is therefore right that the European Commission is now introducing mandatory and uniform requirements for the European Union with the so-called Cyber Resilience Act.

Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court rules on third-country transfers

Third-country transfers still possible. Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court provides clarity.

Experience makes smart - learning from cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are on everyone's lips, and ransomware is currently in the spotlight. How can adequate protection be achieved so that things don't go bang? The Mechanical Engineering Summit will provide first-hand knowledge on this subject.

Support for information search in the company

Making information accessible: Artificial intelligence can improve information management in the company.

International Vision Standards at VISION 2022

Learn more about Machine Vision Standards and discuss with international vision standards representatives from USA (A3), Japan (JIIA) and Europe (EMVA and VDMA) about existing vision standards and new initiatives.

OPC UA at the K 2022

Live data from different machines of different manufacturers directly to the cell phone

That was ACHEMA 2022

From August 22nd to 26th, ACHEMA 2022 opened its doors in Frankfurt am Main. Despite repeated criticism of the August event date, exhibitors draw a positive result.


As an open interface standard, OPC UA is a central prerequisite for the successful introduction of Industrie 4.0 in production. OPC UA ensures the interoperability of machines and systems, which can be linked and redesigned as required via Plug & Work - platform-independent and cross-manufacturer.
Artificial Intelligence
Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning. At VDMA, there are already many organizational units that are examining the topic more closely. Here, you can gain some insight into all the activities that the VDMA is conducting on the topic of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
When it comes to security at the VDMA, everything revolves around protecting machines and systems in production, manufacturing or intralogistics from attacks and disruptions. The aim of these organizational and technical protective measures is to develop cyber-resilient machines and systems and trustworthy services while reliably maintaining their permanent operation.
Networking in the value chain can only succeed if there are uniform norms and standards. OPC UA is the central building block for interoperability in production. Planning, construction, simulation, utilization and recycling are components of the life cycle and require cross-manufacturer interfaces.
Platform economy
The mechanical engineering industry is successfully advancing the digital transformation. So far, this has primarily concerned manufacturing, but in the future it will also involve new business models. Digital platforms and the associated platform economy are going to play an ever more prominent role, and value creation in the mechanical engineering industry is increasingly taking place via digital services.
The audio blog for trend topics from mechanical and plant engineering
Intelligent Production
Industry 4.0 necessitates changes at all corporate levels and throughout the entire value chain. Industry 4.0 is associated with a new way of thinking about the organization of processes. Ultimately, what counts for companies is creating added value.
AGV Mesh-Up
The AGV Mesh-Up is a live test event for the VDA 5050 communication interface. Companies can test the interface suitability of their vehicles and master control systems in front of an audience.

To the point

To the point

Auf den Punkt Zitat Digitalization

Prof. Claus Oetter,

"The platform economy follows a holistic rationale, as potential or actual distinct value networks become apparent."

Prof. Claus Oetter,
Prof Claus Oetter, Managing Director VDMA Software and Digitalisation

Auf den Punkt Zahl Digitalization


billion euros

the annual amount of damage due to product piracy amounts to

Source: VDMA Study "Product Piracy in Mechanical and Plant Engineering" 2022

Auf den Punkt Zusammenfassung Digitalisierung

"Future Skills in Mechanical and Plant Engineering" study
  • 90 percent of the companies surveyed are undergoing change processes
  • The majority of companies know how important future skills are for the long-term success of the company.
  • Future skills are scarce: Four out of five companies face a "skills gap".

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eMagazine "Digital Transformation"
In the digital publication, you can see that German companies can already provide a whole range of products and solutions so that digitalization can be developed and implemented in companies.
Consultation offer Digitization and Industry 4.0
The competence overview for mechanical and plant engineering regarding the range of consulting offered by software manufacturers. This enables companies to pinpoint appropriate first steps in addressing the respective issues within their value chain, and to utilize this expertise in finding their own individual path toward digitalization and Industry 4.0.
Database OPC UA Companion Specifications
In our database you can find all Companion Specifications created by VDMA working groups. The entries can be browsed, filtered by output period and downloaded as an Excel file.
Guideline "Added Value by Software" 2022
Digital platforms and artificial intelligence are integral parts of digital solutions and thus a key success factor on the path to greater customer benefits. The current industry guideline "Added Value by Software" presents possible ideas and application examples that can also be implemented in your company.
Industry 4.0 Guide
Our guide is a practice-oriented tool that offers you specific entry points for identifying and introducing business models for Industry 4.0.
Guide on Marketing Digital Services
The guide "Successfully marketing digital offerings" assists you in identifying types of digital services and provides practical recommendations for successful marketing.
Self-learning production processes guide
Our "Self-learning production processes" guide demonstrates how to use reinforcement learning in order to optimize your products and processes.


Working Group Research Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence
The "Research Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence" working group aims to initiate pre-competitive and cross-industry research projects in the field of Industry 4.0 and AI. VDMA members who are interested are very welcome to join.nical engineering sector with the innovation centers of German research institutes.
Expert Group Machine Learning
Among other things, the VDMA committee develops Use Cases on the topic of Machine Learning.
30 OPC UA working groups
The VDMA coordinates the activities of around 30 working groups that are defining a common, cross-industry language between machines and plants in the form of "OPC UA Companion Specifications".


Digitalization & Industrie 4.0 Committee
Computer Science Committee
The task of the Informatics Committee is in particular to coordinate the work of the VDMA Informatics Department and to manage its content.


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