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New drive technologies, new fuels and transportation solutions: Tomorrow's mobility is cross-linked, resource-saving, efficient - and an opportunity for mechanical engineering. Since with adapted business models and technologies, companies in Germany can successfully shape the change in drive systems and generate additional value.

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Vehicle Electrification and Transformation of the Industry

The third edition of the study series deals with the electrification of the powertrain and its impact on the industry.

The carbon footprint of the existing fleet decides on climate neutrality in 2050

Electricity, hydrogen or synthetic fuels: When it comes to the energy sources to be used in road transport of the future, there is much debate. A new study by the research association FVV now shows: Powertrain technologies are not the decisive factor for the speed at which transport in Europe can become both sustainable and climate-neutral, but rather the fastest possible departure from fossil energy carriers.

Elektromobilität und Gebäudeautomation: Effizienz pur!

Elektromobilität ist ohne Gebäude kaum zu denken, da zukünftig immer mehr auch Arbeitgeber, Supermärkte, Parkhäuser und andere Nichtwohngebäude Lademöglichkeiten zur Verfügung stellen werden. Aufgrund der notwenigen hohen Anschlussleistung ist ein durch das Gebäudeenergiemanagement gesteuertes Abflachen der Bedarfsspitzen geboten.

bauma TALK 2 - The way to autonomous machines

For the first time, bauma offered a five-part webinar series on the key topics of the trade fair in cooperation with the VDMA.

New edition of the brochure on the production of fuel cell components

Industrialization of fuel cell production is crucial for market success

Mechanical engineering industry takes a critical view of Euro 7

The new Euro 7 emissions standard is pursuing the right goal with the wrong means. The VDMA criticizes the now envisaged design of the test procedures.

Federal Council approves second amendment to SESTA

Parliament and Federal Council launch reform of national emissions trading - A balancing act between climate protection and security of supply

Innovation cluster for large-scale production of fuel cell stacks (GO-Start BZ)

The innovation cluster for large-scale production of fuel cell stacks (GO-Start BZ) is intended to support the potential for industrialization of stack production in Germany.

Startups for the mining of the future

Discover startups that bring sustainability, efficiency and safety to the mining industry at bauma 2022. Here's an overview of our exhibitors.

The end of the combustion engine cannot be ruled out

The EU continues to find it difficult to finally clarify the issue of the internal combustion engine and eFuels. Instead of securing the future of the internal combustion engine powered by eFuels in a climate-neutral manner, only a non-binding recital has now been integrated into the EU regulation. In the end, this does not help the cause.

Mobile (compressed air) systems for breathing air supply during blasting work

Office assisted in the creation and revision of a technical booklet, incorporating comments from member companies.

Trilogue can start

The European Parliament voted on FuelEU Maritime in mid-October. This clears the way for the upcoming trilogue negotiations.

Beaming winners at the awards ceremony

Eagerly awaited, the secret of this year's award winners was revealed on Sunday at the Munich Residenz.

Igniting the turbo for the hydrogen economy

The so-called trilogue negotiations between the EU Parliament, Council and Commission on the EU's "Fit for 55" climate package are of considerable importance for the hydrogen economy.

Supporting the economy and climate protection with eFuels

In the so-called trilogue negotiations between the EU Parliament, Council and Commission on CO2 fleet regulation, the opening for eFuels should be established.

Viewing CO2 as a raw material and not just as a greenhouse gas

Carbon management & removal technologies can contribute to building a sustainable CO2 circular economy, effectively integrating CO2 into use pathways, storing and capturing it. We have written a short position on this topic.

New edition of the brochure on the production of fuel cells systems

Industrialization of the production of fuel cell systems is crucial for market success

Startup area at the world's leading trade fair for the construction machinery sector

Startup innovations for the construction equipment industry: in October 2022, there will be innovative startups to discover at bauma that are shaping the future of the industry with fresh innovations.

Startups for the digital construction site

Discover startups at bauma 2022 that are making the vision of a digitalized, networked and automated construction site a lived reality. Here's an overview of our exhibitors.

Reaching the climate targets at sea faster

How can maritime climate targets be achieved, and what role can FuelEU Maritime play in this? A parliamentary breakfast now addressed exactly this question.

Open letter calls for fewer exemptions

The decarbonization of shipping is to be driven forward by the Fit-for-55 legislative package. An open letter to the responsible rapporteurs in Parliament now calls for fewer exemptions.

CMM 2022 in Hannover

The industry of an age of mobile, autonomous, intelligent systems and machines met at CMM in Hannover, Germany, on October 6-7, 2022.

CO2 fleet regulation must not mean an end to combustion engines

CO2 fleet regulation could mean a complete ban on the internal combustion engine for cars and light commercial vehicles from 2035.

Hydrogen offers huge growth opportunities for industrial supply chains

Study by VDMA and Roland Berger: There is considerable business potential associated with hydrogen technology. Emerging supply chains offer opportunities, especially for companies in the equipment manufacturing industry.

EU Parliament: Vote on RED III

With its vote on the revision of the Renewable Energies Directive in mid-September, the European Parliament has set an important course for the hydrogen economy.

Industryguide Battery Production

Are you looking for strong solutions not only for large-scale production for battery manufacturing? Access the expertise of our mechanical and plant engineering manufacurers. In addition to the thematic search function, the new online format offers the possibility to contact the battery experts of the respective companies.

Intervention in corporate decisions is a no-go

With its emergency instrument, the EU Commission rightly wants to put the focus back on the single market. However, the VDMA rejects those elements in it that restrict entrepreneurial freedom.

Fifteen innovations compete for first place

The nominees have been determined. A jury of experts selected the fifteen innovations nominated for the award from 41 finalists out of an original 133 entries.

The industrialization of fuel cells has begun

At the 7th Marketplace Suppliers of the National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW) it became clear that fuel cell systems have arrived in the market. For example, large investments in bipolar plate production were reported for the first time at the event.

Invitation on the "Maritime Climate Trail"

Engine manufacturers and suppliers are inviting visitors to this year's SMM in Hamburg to take the "Maritime Climate Trail" through the exhibition halls.

First Europe-wide 'Battery Atlas' published

The work, which was produced jointly with the Battery Production Department and the PEM of RWTH Aachen University, maps the current involvement of cell manufacturers, module and pack producers, suppliers of equipment and battery active material, as well as recycling companies and battery test centers on around 20 pages.

The SMM 2022

Back at last: SMM is returning this year as a presence event.

DORIS instead of a book with seven seals

The VDMA tool DORIS simplifies efficient research in the rules and regulations of 19 important, worldwide ship classification societies.

12th Mobile Hydraulics Colloquium October 18-19, 2022

Thematic foci will be innovative components in application, topology developments, new systems in mobile machines and the core component hydraulic fluid.

Open letter to the Minister of the Environment

The 37th BImSchV should be enacted before the end of summer 2022. This is what VDMA Power-to-X for Applications and DWV demand in an open letter to Environment Minister Lemke.

Ministries present immediate climate protection programs for the buildings and transport sectors

After the climate targets for buildings and transport were missed several times, the responsible ministries presented their plans for more ambition in climate protection just in time before the summer break. From VDMA´s perspective, many of the planned measures go in the right direction, but there still remains a lack of a coherent overall concept. Moreover, the financing is left unclear.

Prohibition of the hydraulic single-line brake for trailers in France

As the French agricultural machinery industry association AXEMA announced, France will introduce the mandatory application of the European Regulation (EU) 2015/68 for brake systems also in the national approval procedure from 01.01.2025 onwards.

VDMA trend overview green ammonia

Green ammonia is the new all-rounder on the global markets: whether as a climate-neutral fertilizer, energy carrier or transport carrier for hydrogen. Numerous major projects are in the pipeline.

VDMA Tech Guide Energy Transition - Deadline 30.09.2022!

The 5th edition of the VDMA Technology Guide is dedicated to Mastering the Energy Transition. It brings together the Who's Who of European process technology suppliers. Is your company included?

Innovation cluster Go-Start BZ invites to industry meeting

Presence Workshop "From Cell Test to System Test" June 2022 at VDMA House in Frankfurt am Main

New industry alliance

The Renewable and Low Carbon Fuels Value Chain Industries Alliance is a new initiative that flanks the FuelEU Maritime and RefuelEU Aviation initiatives.

Fuel Cells Working Group at the f-cell

The VDMA Fuel Cell Working Group will be represented at the f-cell trade fair in Stuttgart on October 4 and 5.

Roadmap for the Maritime Energy Transition

Climate protection needs alternative marine fuels. VDMA and VSM share this conviction. Both have now jointly presented a PtX roadmap for the maritime energy transition.

Climate-friendly fuels for aviation

At the beginning of July, the EU Parliament voted on ReFuelEU Aviation and increased the PtL sub-quotas. VDMA closely followed the process.

Lightweight construction technologies advance energy and material efficiency

General Assembly of the VDMA Working Group on 6 July 2022

eFuels and combustion engines left in the lurch

The decision in the EU Environment Council in favor of a second emissions trading scheme is an important step toward comprehensive European greenhouse gas pricing. However, major uncertainties remain with regard to future drive technologies for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Road safety of mobile machinery

The EU Commission has been planning for some time to draw up its own regulation to harmonize road safety requirements for mobile machinery.

automatica 2022 a complete success!

After four years of waiting, automatica - the leading trade fair for smart automation and robotics - presented itself as a driving force for the industry. 547 exhibitors from 35 countries and more than 28,000 visitors from 75 countries made it a complete success!

EU climate package vote postponed in European Parliament

On June 8, the first half of the EU Fit for 55 climate package was put to a vote in the European Parliament. Important parts of the EU climate legislation were rejected in the European Parliament and sent back to the parliamentary committees.

bauma Innovation Award 2022

Finalists have been chosen - 41 of 133 innovations convince in the pre-selection process

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Electromobility, fuel cells, Power2X - The change in mobility is multi-layered and in the future there will not be just one type of drive on the market. This poses new challenges for the entire industry.
Battery Production
Electromobility and battery production are gaining ground worldwide, and this is just the beginning. To make the right decisions early and be competitive, it is essential to have your finger on the pulse of innovative production solutions.
Hydrogen Economy
The use of hydrogen offers enormous potential towards decarbonizing industries and achieving climate neutrality. Through the use of hydrogen and power-to-X (P2X), new value chains are emerging ranging from renewable energy plants, process engineering and components all the way to applications.
Modern intralogistics systems enable reliable and flexible production supply and efficient processes in the warehouse. Through increasing automation and digitalization, the systems are becoming more intelligent and will be able to optimize themselves in the future.
Commercial drone applications are also gaining importance in mechanical and plant engineering as well as adjacent B2B customer industries.

To the point

To the point

Auf den Punkt Zitat - Mobility

"Considering the diversity of mobility which requires future-proof drives, there is no way around being technologically open-minded."

Hartmut Rauen, VDMA Deputy Executive Director

Auf den Punkt Zahl - Mobility


million of 128 million vehicles

will be equipped with a battery or fuel cell electric powertrain worldwide in 2040.

Source: VDMA-Studie „Antrieb im Wandel – Auswirkungen der Brennstoffzellentechnologie auf den Maschinen- und Anlagenbau und die Zulieferindustrie“

Auf den Punkt Zusammenfassung - Mobilität

Power-to-X (P2X) needs a robust strategy for the future
  • In order to be internationally compatible, German plant engineering must establish technological leadership in the field of P2X plants.
  • The foundation for this lies in a strong domestic market from which to further develop technologies and establish new value chains.
  • The Federal Government should work at the EU level to ensure that in future, the level of energy taxes will be determined by the CO2 intensity of the energy sources.

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VDMA Focus-Topic

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Further VDMA Services
Brochure: Lithium-ion battery systems in industrial trucks
This free brochure describes the use of lithium-ion technology for industrial trucks and outlines solutions for applying it safely within companies.
Fuel Cells Working Group
The VDMA Fuel Cells Working Group seeks to successfully establish fuel technologies in Germany and position them on global markets. The working group therefore represents the industry's political interests in Germany and increasingly also abroad.
Our motto is "Produce Future Mobility", and we are bundling the VDMA's diverse competences to prepare member companies for the future of mobility and to support them in their efforts to change.
Mobile Machinery Forum
The Mobile Machinery Forum (Mobima) promotes the exchange between OEMs and suppliers at a neutral association level. It facilitates the reconciliation of positions across sectors as well as the initiation of joint projects. Current information is available for download in the regularly published "Mobima Bulletin".
CO2 study by CECE and CEMA (English)
The agricultural and construction machinery industry has had an impressive track record of increasing energy efficiency over the last 50 years. The study "Optimizing our industry 2 reduce emissions" answers the question of how to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in particular CO2, in the coming years.
Working Group Machines in Construction MIC 4.0
The Machines in Construction MIC4.0 working group is defining the foundation for machine-to-X communication and developing legally compliant structures for collaboration in the use of machine and process data. All companies interested in the topic of digitalizing construction machinery can become members of the working group.
Working Group Power-to-X for Applications
The VDMA Working Group Power-to-X for Applications are the cross-industry information, communication and cooperation platform for the P2X community and involve stakeholders from development and production to the end user.
Working Group Industrial Drone Solutions
Unmanned flying robots offer numerous application possibilities in logistic and industrial environments. The VDMA Working Group Industrial Drone Solutions is the networking and decision-making platform for all industrial drone suppliers and interested parties.

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VDMA partners

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Machines in Construction 4.0
Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik e.V.

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