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Technical Regulations & Standardization
Technical regulations and standardization facilitate economic cooperation and the marketing of products at national and international level. Through the DIN Mechanical Engineering Standards Committee (NAM), the VDMA promotes the competitiveness of the mechanical engineering industry. In addition, the Standardization Department coordinates the preparation of VDMA specifications.

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New EU Machinery Directive - Draft published

The EU Commission has published the draft of the new EU Machinery Directive. Now the negotiations in the Council and the European Parliament start.

Revision of the Machinery Directive

What are the implications for standardization of the proposal for revision of the Machinery Directive published by the European Commission?

Knowledge Machinery Directive

When CE marking machines, important instructions must be observed in order to fulfill the legal obligations. The VDMA has compiled these notes for practical use, which go beyond explanations in the official guide.

Statement on the EU Proposal for a Regulation on Machinery Products

The VDMA statement on the EU Commission's draft of 21 April for the EU Machinery Products Regulation is now available.

Draft VDMA 15423:2022-09

Additional safety requirements and/or safety measures for semi-automatic power driven parking of motor vehicles

VDMA 24360:2022-08

Surface Technology – Clarifications to EN 1539

VDMA 8752:2022-08

Determination of key figures at packaging machines during operating time and scheduled down time

VDMA 8751:2022-08

Packaging machinery (incl. filling machinery) – Specification and measurement of energy and utility consumption

Record setup and cleaning times and specify energy consumption

VDMA standard 8751 deals with the specification and verification of energy and media consumption on packaging machines and related processing machines, while VDMA 8752 deals with the recording of setup and cleaning times for these machines. Both VDMA standard sheets were editorially revised in the course of the transfer of DIN 8743 to the successor standard DIN EN 415-11: 2021-12.

Avoidance of fines through registration in LUCID as of 1.7.2022

The amended Packaging Act already came into force last year, and now it is a matter of fulfilling new obligations - especially in the area of B2B packaging. VDMA member companies that generally place non-system-participating packaging on the market must now ALL become active by July 1, 2022: They must register in the LUCID packaging register!

VDMA 40084 Parts 1 to 12

The 12 parts of the VDMA Specification series 40084 "OPC UA Interfaces for Plastics and Rubber Machinery - Extrusion" have been revised and published with issue date 2022-08.

VDMA 40501-1:2022-08

OPC UA for Machine Tools – Part 1: Machine Monitoring and Job Overview

Safety standard for truck mixers published in Official Journal

The first European standard for truck mixer safety, EN 12609 - Truck mixers - Safety requirements, has been published in the European Official Journal.

Cybercrime and the consequences

The number of hacker attacks in the mechanical and plant engineering sector is on the rise. More and more VDMA member companies are reporting attacks on office and production systems within the company. Already almost 40 percent of the attacks lead to production downtimes. How can medium-sized companies in particular arm themselves against attacks in advance or react correctly in the event of an actual attack?

News, new and important information on machine safety

There are some innovations around the machine safety. Manufacturers must observe new EU regulations and the changed conformity marking in Great Britain. Our guides will help.

Practical examples of cyber security and platform economy at AMB 2022

On the occasion of ABM 2022, VDMA Software and Digitization is putting the spotlight on important trend topics in the fields of cybersecurity and digitization.

European cybersecurity at the crossroads of regulation, standardization, practice & law enforcement

Panel discussion on IT security at Hannover Messe 2022, June 1, 2022, Hall 18, H'Up

VDMA 24226 - LIN Profile for integrated Circulators (LIN Profile for integrated heating circulators)

The revised version of this VDMA standard sheet will soon be available for public comment.

VDMA 4315-1:2022-06

Turbomachinery and generators – Application of the principles of functional safety – Part 1: Methods for determination of the necessary risk reduction

VDMA 24394:2022-06

Surface Technology – Touch-up stations at paint spray booths for powder coating – Safety requirements

Minimum recommendations for security in the supply chain

The recommendations are addressed to machine and plant manufacturers and describe a minimum of technical, organizational and procedural requirements for the implementation of security for products (such as machines, plants, digital systems for predictive maintenance & condition monitoring, ICS controls, ...) and processes.

VDMA 24584:2022-06

Safety functions of regulated and unregulated (fluid) mechanical systems

English edition of the VDMA Specification 24186 series

The VDMA Specification "Performance program for the maintenance of technical systems and equipment in buildings", which consists of eight parts, has been completely translated and is now available in English as well as German.

Germany preferred target of cyber attacks

According to a survey conducted worldwide, around 46 percent of the companies surveyed in Germany were victims of a cyber attack at least once in 2021.

VDMA 40001-1:2022-05

OPC UA for Machinery - Part 1: Basic Building Blocks

Current SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance (Corona-ArbSchV)

The German Cabinet has approved the revised Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance. It comes into force in amended form on March 20. The regulations will apply until May 25, 2022.

Russia now undesirable in standardization as well

Against the background of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European standards organizations CEN and CENELEC have terminated all cooperation with Russia until further notice.

Politicians unilaterally pass on corona protection to companies

The revised Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance largely relieves employees of their personal responsibility in the future. Companies, on the other hand, will continue to have measures in place that they will also have to pay for. This does not add up.

Draft VDMA 40200:2022-05

OPC UA for weighing technology

Overview of Cybersecurity Regulation in Germany and Europe

Cybersecurity has become a priority topic for business leaders and regulators worldwide. The requirements for this are being driven forward at all levels. Nationally with the IT Security Act, European with the NIS2 Directive and the Cyber Resilience Act and in China with a multitude of regulations around the topic of "Data Security". The VDMA overview paper provides members with an industry-specific overview of relevant legislative projects, shows how they will affect mechanical and plant engineering and provides recommendations.

Cybersecurity Use Cases in China

Advice and recommendations for European companies

AR 9685-2016: Positive list extended by eight substances

China's National Health Commission (NHC) has approved six new food contact additives and two new food contact resins, and expanded the scope of nine substances.

Draft VDMA 40560 to draft VDMA 40569-4

From the VDMA Specification series "OPC UA for mining" 20 parts with issue date 2022-04 have been published as draft version.

New edition of the pressure vessel standard EN 13445 harmonized

The EN 13445 "unfired pressure vessels" series of standards, newly issued in 2021, was officially harmonized under the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) in December 2021.

Industrial Security

Security is all about protecting machines and systems in production, manufacturing or intralogistics from attacks and disruptions. The aim of the organizational and technical protective measures is to develop cyber-resilient machines and systems and trustworthy services and to reliably maintain permanent operation.

Draft VDMA 40210:2022-04

OPC UA for Geometric Measurement Systems

Recast of the Machinery Directive progressing rapidly

The VDMA is following the new version very closely. Some things have been achieved, other points need to be improved in order to take account of application in practice.

Global standards: EU defense plan against China's advance

Whether it's a valve in a heater or software for a welding robot, when products from different manufacturers need to fit together, an industry standard helps.

Security by Design reaches the machine tool

When the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) issues a cyber security warning of the highest alert level, industry is alarmed.

Draft VDMA 24498:2022-04

Noise emission measurement on die casting machines

VDMA Database Technical Rules

With the help of VDMA-DaTeR, VDMA member companies can quickly and easily access technical information from over 70 countries.

Draft VDMA 40001-101:2022-04

OPC UA for Machinery – Part 101: Result Transfer

"EU standardization strategy needs practical relevance above all"

With a new standardisation strategy, the EU Commission wants to put Europe in a better position in global technology competition. However, political ideas must not dominate this approach. Above all, good standardization needs expertise and practical relevance from industry.

VDMA Quick Guide CE Marking of Machines updated

The VDMA Quick Guide "Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC - CE Marking of Machinery" is available to VDMA members in an updated version.

Administrative burden for companies

The Infection Protection Act with the 3G proof obligation at the workplace presents the mechanical and plant engineering industry with an additional administrative burden that will not decrease in the near future.

VDMA 24020-5:2022-03

Operational Requirements for Refrigerating Systems – Part 5: Refrigerating Systems with Flammable Refrigerants (Safety Classes A2 and A2L according to DIN EN 378)

VDMA 24020-3:2022-03

Operational Requirements for Refrigerating Systems – Part 3: Refrigerating Systems with Flammable Refrigerants (Safety Class A3 according to DIN EN 378)

New publication: ISO 19014-5:2021

The standard ISO 19014-5:2021 “Earth-moving machinery – Functional safety – Part 5: Tables of performance levels“ was published by ISO.

The future for sure

Another event in the "the future for sure" series - cooperation between companies and public security authorities

VDMA 40301:2022-03

OPC UA for flat glass


VDMA Specifications
VDMA Specifications are technical rules that are efficiently developed on a wide variety of topics in mechanical engineering within VDMA working groups.
Product Safety EU
The regulations on the marketing of products, especially on product safety, are fully harmonised in the European Union. This applies by extension to the European Economic Area, Switzerland and Turkey, which have adopted the regulations on CE marking 1:1. This complete harmonisation is unique in the world and a prerequisite for the Single Market.
Product safety Non-EU
The continuous increase of national requirements for the product properties of complete machines and plants, but also for spare and wear parts, represents a particular challenge for the European mechanical and plant engineering industry with its high export rate.
When it comes to security at the VDMA, everything revolves around protecting machines and systems in production, manufacturing or intralogistics from attacks and disruptions. The aim of these organizational and technical protective measures is to develop cyber-resilient machines and systems and trustworthy services while reliably maintaining their permanent operation.
Fire protection & smoke extraction
There are frequent reports of fire disasters in high-rise buildings, industrial buildings and areas where large numbers of people congregate: here, plant technology-related fire protection involving smoke protection pressure systems and mechanical smoke extraction systems not only ensures that people can safely evacuate the building, but also provides maximum support for the fire department while extinguishing fires.

To the point

To the point

Auf den Punkt Zitat Technical Regulations

"The proposed legal provisions on digital operating instructions and EU declarations of conformity are important steps towards being able to meet the challenges of digitalization. Therefore, the assembly instructions and declaration of incorporation for partly completed machinery should also be allowed to be provided in digital form."

Thomas Kraus, Machinery Directive expert at VDMA

Auf den Punkt Zahl Technical Regulations


billion euros

was recorded by the European mechanical engineering sector (EU-27) in sales to the USA and the BRIC countries in 2020.

Source: VDMA

Auf den Punkt Zusammenfassung Technische Regelwerke

New version of the Machinery Directive
  • More extensive amendments to Annex I of the Machinery Directive are to be avoided
  • Horizontal legislation on cybersecurity rather than integrating it into the Machinery Directive
  • The legal areas of product safety and occupational safety are also to be extended into the area of cybersecurity

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Machinery Directive Knowledge
VDMA members will find the necessary technical knowledge compactly compiled here
Machine Safety Standards Database
The machine safety standards database helps manufacturers and those applying standards navigate their way through the jungle of standards.
Database VDMA-Specifications
The VDMA-Specification Database contains the full text versions of the VDMA-Specification sheets.
SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Standard
Download: The current occupational health and safety standard COVID 19 from the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
Standards & VDMA Specifications – Technical Rules for the mechanical engineering industry
Standardization as a strategic instrument for corporate management is one of the core tasks of the VDMA.
VDMA Technology Policy Steering Committee and our working groups
The Technology Policy Steering Committee is responsible for the technology policy positioning of the mechanical and plant engineering industry. The "Machinery Directive", "Cybersecurity", "Occupational Health and Safety" and "Accreditation" working groups report to it. They draw up proposals for positioning the mechanical engineering industry in the respective subject areas, promote exchange between members and maintain close contact with political decision-makers and other trade associations.
Newsletter "Mechanical engineering standardization in China"
For the German mechanical engineering industry, China is one of the most important export markets. This newsletter provides you with information on current developments in the field of standardization and market access in China.
Official Guide Machinery Directive
German translation of the Guide to Application of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC - Edition 2.2.
German Market Surveillance Forum (DMÜF)
All information on the Market Surveillance Forum's activities, which advises and supports the German government on market surveillance issues within the scope of Regulation (EC) No. 765/2008.
Continuing Education - Quality & Standardization
One aspect is always at the forefront when it comes to quality management issues: the goal of providing reliable and high quality to customers. Learn more about our current offerings in the area of quality and standardization and find the right training for you!


Technical Regulations & Standardization Committee
VDMA Technical Policy Steering Committee
The VDMA Technical Policy Steering Committee is responsible for positioning the mechanical engineering industry in terms of technical policy, particularly in the areas of product and occupational safety, standardization policy, cybersecurity, accreditation, conformity assessment, market surveillance and the New Legislative Framework. The focus is on legislative initiatives in the European Union and in third countries. The Steering Committee is supported by the following Working Groups: Machinery Directive, Cybersecurity, Accreditation and Occupational Health and Safety.


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