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Living plant engineering

Biotechnology expands the possibilities of the pharmaceutical industry for good healthcare. Machine and plant manufacturers are also adapting to this trend.


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Juggling with inflation
Hyperinflation in countries such as Turkey and Egypt is hitting employees particularly hard. Timely and appropriate salary adjustments are becoming an arithmetic trick. Products are now traded in euros.
"I stand out"
Robots are her specialty: Ronja Meschede works as an engineer in development at the Cologne-based machine tool manufacturer Schütte. In a male-dominated environment, she scores even more points with her special expertise.
Biotech - high-tech for people

How many biotechnology companies are involved in industrial biotechnology? How many listed biotech companies are there in Germany and how many billions have been generated in this sector? You can find these and other figures in the listicle.

Short paths lead to the goal
At the Munk Group, the machine processes determine the layout of the buildings. In the new production and sawing center, the advantages of this become clear. The concept is based on a thoroughly thought-out master plan.
A day with René Heilmann
A career with various positions at the Freudenberg technology group has enabled René Heilmann to build up a strong network. As Director of Global Communications and Marketing at EagleBurgmann, he now works on future-oriented topics.
Austria: Small giant
Mechanical and plant engineering is one of Austria's most important branches of industry. SMEs in particular are one of the drivers of growth: no other country has more hidden champions per capita.
Biotech goes single-use
Biotechnology is playing an increasingly important role in medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, pharmaceutical machine construction is also changing.

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