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New work concepts, digitalized workplaces, changing expectations of employees: The world of work is undergoing rapid change, placing high demands on politics, society and companies. But what does this mean in concrete terms? How can companies and educational institutions prepare for the change in order to take advantage of the transformation?

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Aus unseren Inhalten
Our offer for industry-relevant competence development

Our learning offers promote the individual technical professionalization as well as the development of new competences - with a view to the current and future requirements in the companies.

Still too few female engineers in mechanical and plant engineering

Change is needed in various areas of education and working life to attract more women to technical professions. The latest study by the VDMA's Impuls Foundation investigates exactly what is needed. For the first time, the study focuses on the link between studies, career entry and the first years of employment for female engineers.

Mechanical and plant engineering: engineers sought like never before

The number of vacancies for engineers in the mechanical engineering sector has reached a new high and demand will continue to grow. Currently, two out of three companies have engineering vacancies to fill.

Changes in old-age provision, health and care

On 1 January 2023, and over the course of the next year, changes will come into force in the areas of old-age security, health and long-term care.

Include temporary work in skilled labor immigration!

Nearly 90 percent of engineering companies are looking for skilled workers. Reform is therefore needed to facilitate the immigration of skilled workers. Temporary staffing can play an important role in this.

Innovation management - the future factory at Trumpf

The day-to-day business and traditional processes of a mechanical engineering company are usually obstacles to innovation. The intrapreneurship program at TRUMPF counters this.

New minimum wage adjustment regulation published

In the Federal Gazette (BAnz) of 28.09.2023, the draft of the Fourth Ordinance on the Adjustment of the Level of the Minimum Wage (Fourth Minimum Wage Adjustment Ordinance - MiLoV4) was published.

Machinery and equipment manufacturing plans to increase staff

Machinery and equipment manufacturing remains a highly attractive employer. Skilled workers are offered excellent job options.

Skilled workers for Africa - Botswana as a successful role model

A head of state is praising VDMA's "Skilled Workers for Africa" initiative: Botswana's President Masisi is counting on cooperation with the German mechanical and plant engineering industry to provide young people with better vocational training. 

Work of the future - with whom?

Occupational profiles and working environments are changing, in some cases enormously, but people remain of central importance. But who will do the work of the future? Everyone is looking to Generation Z. Is that enough?

University cooperations and other approaches to student retention

To meet the demand for highly qualified specialists at an early stage, some companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector are cooperating with universities - the possibilities are diverse.

VDMA BarCamp Skilled Workforce Retention on November 23, 2023 in Frankfurt/M.

On November 23, 2023, the free VDMA event will take place at Kap Europa, Osloer Straße 5, 60327 Frankfurt am Main from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

We update the VDMA salary study!

The VDMA salary survey provides a detailed overview of the status quo regarding the salaries of a good 160 typical positions in our industry.

Statistical Handbook for Mechanical Engineering 2023

The Statistical Handbook 2023 is now available to our member companies free of charge. Non-members will soon be able to obtain the book, first published in 1927 and now established as a standard work, from the VDMA publishing house.

NRW initiative "Europe - Experience and Learn

The "Europe - Experience and Learn" initiative of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the European Youth Parliament in Germany e.V. is designed to help trainees gain EU experience abroad.

Skilled workers and robots: It takes both

Germany's skills shortage meets robotics and automation. But can robots solve all the problems? Find out why skilled workers remain indispensable at the 14th German Mechanical Engineering Summit in Berlin.

Apprenticeship at a glance

How many apprenticeship positions are available in machinery and equipment manufacturing this year? How many applicants are there? How have supply and demand for the most important professions developed in recent years? Get all the information at a glance here.

Africa offers great opportunities

Mechanical and plant engineering can make an essential contribution to Africa's industrialization and improved competitiveness.

Great satisfaction, little diversity

The mix of study and in-company training is popular. The dual study program is particularly popular in mechanical engineering and is proving to be a successful model, a survey of students shows.

Customized products for price-sensitive customers

A new study by the IMPULS Foundation highlights the opportunities of a new way of thinking and developing products – frugal innovations. The study will be published in Stuttgart on September 28th, 2023.

Too few young people apply for training

Mechanical engineering and dual training go hand in hand. But in the meantime, the search for suitable apprentices rarely runs smoothly. Before the start of the new apprenticeship year, positions remained unfilled in one in three eastern German companies.

Meet the Expert: The VDMA program at POWTECH

This year, Hall 2, booth 2-204 will not only host the VDMA Special Show, but also the associated Speakers Corner and other varied program items. Read here what you will find when and where.

"The pension at 63 should be abolished"

The severe shortage of skilled workers will be exacerbated by retirement at 63. The mechanical engineering sector is severely affected, as skilled workers account for 60 percent of the workforce in this sector.

VDMA focus RECHT brochure on whistleblower protection

We support the introduction of a whistleblower office.

"EU Bubble talks - 30 minutes insights from Brussels": Web seminar series launched

Attention Europe enthusiasts! With our new web seminar series "EU Bubble talks - 30 minutes insights from Brussels" we take a look behind the scenes of European politics and take you with us.

Attracting and retaining women for technical careers in mechanical engineering

Change is needed in various areas of education and working life to attract more women to technical professions. Learn what companies can do in concrete terms in our new event formats.

Is rail travel working time?

In the context of working time compliance, the correct handling of travel times is central. Do they count as working time or rest time?

"First logged in, then done"

Logging in at home and not starting work until later in the office can justify a suspicion of dismissal for working time fraud.

Use of evidence despite data protection breach

Evidence from video surveillance that is inadmissible under data protection law can be taken into account by the labor court in unfair dismissal proceedings.

Mechanical engineering summit: tickets to be won by engineering students

At the Mechanical Engineering Summit in Berlin, industry and politics enter into dialog on current challenges such as climate, energy or digitalization. We are giving away 30 student tickets for the largest networking event of the mechanical and plant engineering industry

Facts and figures: Research and innovation

In our theme publication you will find facts and figures on research and development, innovations and patents in machinery and equipment manufacturing.

Figures on skilled labor immigration needed

Companies are holding back on hiring in the current economic downturn. It is therefore important that all opportunities are now exhausted to provide the labor market with more trained workers.

Survey on technology trends for electronics mechanical engineering

Recruiting skilled workers for the medium-sized electronics machinery and plant engineering sector at the top of the companies' agendas

Facts and figures: Education and workforce in machinery and equipment manufacturing

In our theme publications, you will find facts, figures and data related to vocational training, engineering courses, skilled workers, mechanical engineers and women in machinery and equipment manufacturing.

Successful personnel marketing and use of databases

The shortage of skilled workers is back and leads to production bottlenecks in the mechanical and plant engineering industry. Many companies are asking themselves how to attract qualified employees and retain them in the long term.

VDMA Cleaning Systems - Schools for the recruitment of skilled workers in India

Since 2012, VDMA Cleaning Systems, together with its partners GMR Varalakshmi Foundation and Don Bosco DBTech, has been operating training centers for the education of young people in the fields of facility management and housekeeping in India.

Qualification programs of the GMRVF

GMRVF addresses the skills gaps between the demand in labor markets and the supply of skilled workers.

New law regulates measures to strengthen training and continuing education

With the Act to Strengthen the Promotion of Vocational Training and Continuing Education, the legislature is responding to the challenges of digitalization, decarbonization and the demographically induced shortage of skilled workers by means of concrete measures.

"Retirement at 63 exacerbates shortage of skilled workers".

The "pension at 63" exacerbates the shortage of skilled workers, and the same applies to other political disincentives of recent years. Policymakers should finally change course; among other things, people need to work longer in general again.

GMRVF Partnership with VDMA in Goa

GMRVF has partnered with VDMA to provide vocational training in home economics at its various centers.

GMRVF Center for Empowerment and Livelihoods, Delhi

GMRVF operates the Centre for Empowerment and Livelihoods in Delhi (CEL-D), which provides entry-level job training to school and college dropouts aged 18 to 30 from underserved families.

GMRVF Partnership with VDMA in Kevadia

The GMRVF has partnered with VDMA to offer vocational training in cleaning and housekeeping at its various centers.

Skilled labor alliance for tapping the potential of skilled workers

The shortage of skilled workers is one of the greatest challenges facing our industry.

Talent in technology

Children are tinkerers, researchers, explorers - in their everyday lives they are constantly encountering everyday phenomena and physical laws.

You don't talk about salary? We do.

The VDMA salary survey is relaunched! Take part in the survey and get the results for free!

Call for participation in young talent award

For the 7th time, VDMA Software and Digitalization and VDMA Education are offering the "Digitalization in Mechanical Engineering" Young Talent Award, which recognizes outstanding final theses by students. The nomination is made by the supervising uni

USA: Earnings now as interactive report

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides comprehensive employment and wage statistics. In our new interactive report, we clearly present data by industry, occupational group and location.

Has sick leave increased?

Members and health insurers are reporting increased sick leave. What is the more accurate picture in our industry? What could be the reasons? Please participate in this current mood picture for the mechanical and plant engineering industry.

Increasing investment in Germany as a location for innovation

A good signal for Germany as a center of innovation: R&D remains a central theme in the mechanical engineering sector, as demonstrated by companies' increasing spending. Skilled workers remain in demand.

The VDMA Startup Search Platform - Your entry into startup scouting!

Discover startup contacts and trends for mechanical engineering worldwide?! The digital startup search platform helps to get started with startup scouting and to find suitable partners.

Our expert and focus topics

Our expert and focus topics
Female engineers
Mechanical and plant engineering opens up individual career paths and a wide range of opportunities for female engineers. The occupational field is characterized by innovation, sustainability and an exciting working environment. Women engineers can shape the future.
Youth recruitment & school
In order to attract those leaving school to work in the mechanical engineering sector, traditional measures no longer suffice in many places. In the future, those who want to combat the shortage of specialist staff will resort to a clever combination of cooperative school programs along with traditional offline and online measures. On this page you will find useful information, ideas, studies and downloads on this topic. You can also find out here how you as a member can benefit from VDMA offers.
Engineering education for the mechanical engineering sector
For many employees, working in a home office is a completely new situation that has caught them very unprepared due to the pandemic. This raises a host of practical and legal issues.
Made ING Germany
Digitization is the buzzword of today. Innovation has been a hot topic for a long time, and Industrie 4.0 is accepted as a standard. In order to breathe life into these concepts, clever minds and adequate training concepts are needed.
Securing skilled workers
Almost 60 percent of employees in the mechanical and plant engineering sector are skilled workers. Alongside engineers, they shape the role of mechanical and plant engineering as a decisive enabler for green technologies.
Skilled Workers for Africa
Africa is a continent of opportunities. In order to take advantage of them, qualified local specialists are particularly in demand. They are the engine for the development and diversification of the economy.
Organization and Culture
Both organisation and culture are what make up the company "inside". Both have far-reaching effects on the outside, on customers and their needs and on other external partners. Thus, both are a question of successful cooperation inside and outside.
Culture of innovation
Increasing the ability to innovate in times of digitalization and "VUCA" has been in the spotlight of companies in our industry for several years. Especially following a crisis, it is crucial to be ready and prepared with the right business models as well as suitable systems and structures, and to break away from old habits. The culture of innovation is an important basis and prerequisite for all efforts. If you want hard successes, you should start soft.
Home Office
For many employees, working in a home office is a completely new situation that has caught them very unprepared due to the pandemic. This raises a host of practical and legal issues.
Personnel Marketing & Recruitment
The shortage of skilled workers has arrived in the present. The labour market has turned and companies are receiving a decreasing number of applications. Demography, digitalisation, democratisation and decentralisation pose major challenges for the economy. Personnel recruitment must now take new paths.
Labor law
Whether it be short-time work, service contracts, working shifts or home office, the parameters for modern work and flexible crisis measures are changing continuously.
Labor Market
Competitiveness, growth and job security require adaptability, value creation based on the division of labour and a flexible labour market. Digitalisation requires modern framework conditions for Work 4.0.
Technological Sovereignty
Technological sovereignty as a goal is gaining importance regarding the changed geopolitical situation. International division of labor and global trade are our drivers of prosperity and are existential, especially for the mechanical engineering sector.

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"Despite many economic uncertainties, for example in connection with energy prices, the demand for engineers is immense. As the largest industrial employer, mechanical and plant engineering is and will remain a secure future industry for the next generation of engineers and it needs the know-how of these talents."

Hartmut Rauen, Deputy Managing Director of the VDMA

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of machinery and plant manufacturers are affected by the shortage of skilled workers

Source: VDMA flash survey

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Legal right to mobile working is superfluous
  • No statutory right to mobile working
  • No additional co-determination of the works council in the introduction and organisation of mobile work
  • Methodical approaches lead to success: "5 x Why", Golden Circle by Simon Sinek and the 4P methodThe VDMA demands: No legal entitlement to a change of place of work



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  • Maschinenbau-Gipfel

From 7 to 8 November 2023, the 14th German Mechanical Engineering Summit will once again take place in Berlin. Two days full of inspiration, innovation and networking with the who's who of mechanical and plant engineering. Secure your ticket now.

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Unsere Leistungen
Working Group HR
The central working HR group takes up current topics in HR work and makes them transferable for the practice of our members.


VDMA salary study
How much do development engineers and IT specialists earn in a medium-sized company? The VDMA salary study clarifies the situation and provides indications for company-specific salary benchmarking.
Fit for the future - advanced training courses at the Institute for Mechanical Engineering
Being the VDMA's training academy, we support you in developing new competencies. Contact us - we will gladly advise you!
Personal consultation on all aspects of labor law
The VDMA Legal Department provides its members with a continually updated overview of the decisions and legal developments relevant to businesses and HR managers.
Guide to action for recruiting young talent
Companies today need to recruit young apprentices at an early stage. The new VDMA "Handlungsleitfaden Nachwuchswerbung" (Guide to action for recruiting young talent) demonstrates how this is possible.
Studies & Surveys
The VDMA regularly publishes studies and surveys on engineering studies and derives suitable positions and statements from them.
Talent machine - the young talent portal for the mechanical engineering industry
Portal with news, info, internship job exchange and Best Practices for educational and personnel managers
Our services for members, universities & the media
VDMA maintains a diverse range of services and advice for its member companies, but also for universities and media representatives in the field of science policy and engineering studies. Here is an overview of our services for these three groups.


Facts and figures: Education and workforce in mechanical engineering
In our theme publications, you will find facts, figures and data related to vocational training, engineering courses, skilled workers, mechanical engineers and women in mechanical engineering.
Fit for the future - advanced training courses at the Institute for Mechanical Engineering
Being the VDMA's training academy, we support you in developing new competencies. Contact us - we will gladly advise you!



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