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New work concepts, digitalized workplaces, changing expectations of employees: The world of work is undergoing rapid change, placing high demands on politics, society and companies. But what does this mean in concrete terms? How can companies and educational institutions prepare for the change in order to take advantage of the transformation?

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Aus unseren Inhalten

Aus unseren Inhalten
Our offer for industry-relevant competence development

Our learning offers promote the individual technical professionalization as well as the development of new competences - with a view to the current and future requirements in the companies.

Still too few female engineers in mechanical and plant engineering

Change is needed in various areas of education and working life to attract more women to technical professions. The latest study by the VDMA's Impuls Foundation investigates exactly what is needed. For the first time, the study focuses on the link between studies, career entry and the first years of employment for female engineers.

Mechanical and plant engineering: engineers sought like never before

The number of vacancies for engineers in the mechanical engineering sector has reached a new high and demand will continue to grow. Currently, two out of three companies have engineering vacancies to fill.

Changes in old-age provision, health and care

On 1 January 2023, and over the course of the next year, changes will come into force in the areas of old-age security, health and long-term care.

Include temporary work in skilled labor immigration!

Nearly 90 percent of engineering companies are looking for skilled workers. Reform is therefore needed to facilitate the immigration of skilled workers. Temporary staffing can play an important role in this.

Sick leave by telephone ends on 31.03.2023

During the Corona pandemic, the Federal Joint Committee (Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss, G-BA) had included a temporary special regulation on sick notes by telephone in its incapacity for work guideline.

VDMA flash survey on material bottlenecks, energy supply and outlook 2023

The majority of companies are cautiously optimistic about the current year. Supply chains are relaxing, but the supply of electronic components remains challenging. And the persistent shortage of skilled workers is also an obstacle for many companies.

Immigration of skilled workers reformed only half-heartedly

Anchoring a points system in immigration law should make it easier for labor and skilled workers to immigrate. Temporary employment agencies should continue to play no role in placement - this is a missed opportunity. The draft law must be improved here.

New garnishment exemption limits as of July 01, 2023

On March 20, 2023, the garnishment exemption limits 2023 according to § 850c ZPO were published in the Federal Law Gazette.

Literature: Düsseldorf publication series "Working Time

We would like to draw your attention to the new publication "Arbeitszeit" from the Düsseldorfer Schriftenreihe.

Right to information of the supervisory authority according to the ArbZG

What justifies a request for information by the occupational health and safety authority?

Working time or rest time? That is the question here!

Do breaks with standby duty count as working time or as rest time?

BAG on equal pay

Freedom of contract is no justification for unequal pay for men and women.

Digitalization as an opportunity for innovative climate management

DiKliMa sees digitization as an opportunity for innovative climate management and as an important aspect of employee recruitment and retention. The project partners are the Nachwuchsstiftung Maschinenbau and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Calculation scheme for non-wage labor costs 2023

The calculation schema for non-wage labor costs is a model calculation for determining the imputed surcharge for direct and indirect wage-dependent costs. Here you will find the current version, as of March of the current year.

Radiance through future technologies

For the biologization of technology, we as an industry need to break ground now to set the course for a waste-free future.

VDMA Ost supports declaration of skilled workers by Berlin business community

The shortage of skilled workers in Berlin is not only hampering the economy, but also endangering critical infrastructure. Now chambers and associations have published a joint declaration.

Strengthen technical education and vocational schools

The causes of the shortage of skilled workers are also to be found in the education system. There is a particular need for action in the technical skills of young people. To make dual training fit for the future, the state urgently needs to invest in vocational schools.

The challenge of securing skilled labor

Advancing digitalization, the development of climate-friendly technologies and the mobility revolution - the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is facing enormous challenges. Securing the availability of skilled workers is becoming a mammoth task.

IT students from Ghana for the mechanical and plant engineering industry

Together with a university network in Ghana, students with IT expertise are to be approached to work remotely for mechanical engineering companies.

THINK BIG! - Live at bauma 2022

THINK BIG! is an initiative of the VDMA and its members together with Messe München and other partners. Our goal is to get young people excited about technology and the corresponding career prospects. We also specifically address young women and girls!

Immigration of skilled workers: draft legislation presented

On 20 February 2023, BMAS and BMI presented drafts of a law on the further development of skilled labor immigration and an ordinance on the further development of skilled labor immigration.

Women engineers in mechanical and plant engineering

Too few women choose this career path as an engineer because technical job descriptions are often unclear. Prevailing role models and clichés need to be cleared up.

Minister Heil discredits short-time work

Short-time work is an important instrument, but all special rules on short-time work have long been superfluous. By still sticking to making it easier for companies to access short-time work, Federal Labor Minister Heil is bringing the entire instrument into disrepute.

"Mechanical engineering with vocational training - pioneer for investments".

Minister Schulze and Minister Heil promote better economic cooperation between Germany and Africa. With its "Skilled Workers for Africa" initiative, the VDMA is working intensively to promote on-site vocational training and the expansion of local value creation.

Agility is more than just applying agile methods

VDMA found out why agility only works with attitude in an interview with Christian Gerlach from macio GmbH and with Judith Armbruster from iT Engineering Software Innovations GmbH.

Expert reports confirm need for greater flexibility

The German Metal and Electrical Employers' Federation (Gesamtmetall) has commissioned three expert reports on current issues relating to working time legislation.

VDMA Conference: Attracting women to technical jobs

Finding and retaining skilled workers is increasingly a Herculean task. Against this background, too, it is becoming increasingly important to attract more women to technical professions.

Labor law: News from labor market policy and case law

Current labor market policy decisions and rulings on labor law have an impact on operational practice - also in the mechanical and plant engineering sector.

Hypotax procedure for temporary foreign assignment

Tax agreements at the expense of the employee in the case of posting abroad are permissible.

The search for New Work approaches to production

The production sector is usually neglected in New Work. New Work is more than home office and free processes and therefore there are also different starting points in production.

Higher weekly working hours must not be taboo

Skilled workers remain in high demand. With the reform of the Skilled Workers Immigration Act, things are looking up, at least with regard to the recruitment and placement of skilled workers from third countries who are willing to immigrate.

Implementation of the Posting of Workers Directive in Germany

In order to implement the Directive, the German legislator has made amendments to the Employee Posting Act (AEntG) - in particular with regard to remuneration and the granting of working conditions.

Corona: SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety regulation repealed

On 25 January 2023 the federal cabinet approved the early repeal of the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance. The ordinance will expire on 2 February 2023.

Economic policy positions of the mechanical and plant engineering industry 2023

Traditionally at the beginning of the year, the VDMA revises and updates its economic policy positions.

VDMA: "Get out of crisis mode!"

With its latest economic policy positions, the VDMA provides a guidepost with which politics and business can jointly tackle the challenges of transformation. "To do this, we need to get out of crisis mode," demands VDMA President Karl Haeusgen. "Then our companies can show what they do best: offer technical solutions for the tasks ahead."

Engineer Powerwoman Award

At WomenPower 2023, Deutsche Messe will honor a female pioneer in the STEM field who, through her commitment, ideas and work, sets innovative trends in the technical field and motivates and inspires fellow women.

Africa's economic interests rightly come into sharper focus

Cooperation with Africa is to be geared more closely to the countries' economic interests. This is the right approach, because good economic conditions are the basis for Africa's sustainable, social and ecological development. To achieve this, the German government now needs a unified interministerial Africa strategy.

On the scope of the right to information under data protection law

The obligation to provide information under data protection law also covers the identity of the recipients of personal data.

Weiterbildungsgesetz: Draft bill presented

In December 2022, the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (BMAS) presented a draft bill to strengthen the promotion of training and continuing education and to introduce a period of training (Continuing Education Act).

Talents wanted - recruiting young professionals

They are considered to be particularly demanding and at the same time they can choose their jobs: Companies supposedly have to roll out the red carpet for the young professionals of the so-called Generation-Z. But as is so often the case, cliché and reality differ considerably. Recruiting young talent has not become easier for industrial companies in the digital age. But with a little courage and creativity, Generation-Z can also be reached well. 

Bottlenecks in Labor Market for Engineers Significantly Worsened

In 2022, the bottlenecks on the labor market for engineers have worsened significantly. Never before have machinery and equipment manufacturers been looking for so many employees, and never before have there been more vacancies for engineers.

More work must be done, not less

The issue of a shortage of skilled workers must continue to be actively addressed. This requires a realistic view of requirements and the will of all stakeholders to make training attractive and to market it. The MINT action plan is a good building block for this, which will hopefully inspire more young men and women to take up training in mechanical engineering in the future.

Research allowance gains momentum: Mechanical engineering is strongest user

The VDMA has called for tax-based research funding with great commitment, and it was introduced in 2020. The research allowance has developed successfully so far, with mechanical engineering being the strongest user. At the same time, there is a need for optimization in order to make the research allowance even better known and to expand its success.

Receipt of a change in the duty roster

Do employees have to be available to receive duty roster changes during their free time?

Consideration of pension proximity in the social selection process

In addition to other criteria, pension proximity can also play a role in social selection in the context of termination for operational reasons.

Works council training: presence or webinar?

Can employers refer the works council to webinars when offering training for cost reasons?

Der VDMA-Hochschulpreis – Eine Erfolgsbilanz

Wertschätzung für die Lehre, Unterstützung guter Lehrvorhaben und Rückenwind für innovative Konzepte – darum geht es beim höchstdotierten Lehrpreis in den Ingenieurwissenschaften auf Bundesebene, dem VDMA-Hochschulpreis „Bestes Maschinenhaus“.

A 40-hour week is reasonable

A total of 14,000 jobs were unfilled in the mechanical and plant engineering sector at the end of 2022 - and there is no quick solution in sight for how to fill this gap. This is another reason why labor market policy needs to change course.

VDMA Maschinenhaus: subproject transferprojects

Successful project completion: From 2013 to the end of 2021, the VDMA worked to increase student success with its project "Maschinenhaus - Platform for Innovative Teaching" . The transfer projects were the largest subproject.

Our expert and focus topics

Our expert and focus topics
Organization and Culture
Both organisation and culture are what make up the company "inside". Both have far-reaching effects on the outside, on customers and their needs and on other external partners. Thus, both are a question of successful cooperation inside and outside.
Labor Market
Competitiveness, growth and job security require adaptability, value creation based on the division of labour and a flexible labour market. Digitalisation requires modern framework conditions for Work 4.0.
Home Office
For many employees, working in a home office is a completely new situation that has caught them very unprepared due to the pandemic. This raises a host of practical and legal issues.
Skilled Workers for Africa
Africa is a continent of opportunities. In order to take advantage of them, qualified local specialists are particularly in demand. They are the engine for the development and diversification of the economy.
Made ING Germany
Digitization is the buzzword of today. Innovation has been a hot topic for a long time, and Industrie 4.0 is accepted as a standard. In order to breathe life into these concepts, clever minds and adequate training concepts are needed.
Technological Sovereignty
Technological sovereignty as a goal is gaining importance regarding the changed geopolitical situation. International division of labor and global trade are our drivers of prosperity and are existential, especially for the mechanical engineering sector.

Further Topics

To the point

To the point

Auf den Punkt Zitat Education & Modern Work

"Despite many economic uncertainties, for example in connection with energy prices, the demand for engineers is immense. As the largest industrial employer, mechanical and plant engineering is and will remain a secure future industry for the next generation of engineers and it needs the know-how of these talents."

Hartmut Rauen, Deputy Managing Director of the VDMA

Auf den Punkt Zahl Education & Modern Work



of machinery and plant manufacturers are affected by the shortage of skilled workers

Source: VDMA flash survey

Auf den Punkt Zusammenfassung Bildung & modernes Arbeiten

Legal right to mobile working is superfluous
  • No statutory right to mobile working
  • No additional co-determination of the works council in the introduction and organisation of mobile work
  • Methodical approaches lead to success: "5 x Why", Golden Circle by Simon Sinek and the 4P methodThe VDMA demands: No legal entitlement to a change of place of work


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Unsere Leistungen
Working Group HR
The central working HR group takes up current topics in HR work and makes them transferable for the practice of our members.


VDMA salary study
How much do development engineers and IT specialists earn in a medium-sized company? The VDMA salary study clarifies the situation and provides indications for company-specific salary benchmarking.
Fit for the future - advanced training courses at the Institute for Mechanical Engineering
Being the VDMA's training academy, we support you in developing new competencies. Contact us - we will gladly advise you!
Personal consultation on all aspects of labor law
The VDMA Legal Department provides its members with a continually updated overview of the decisions and legal developments relevant to businesses and HR managers.
Guide to action for recruiting young talent
Companies today need to recruit young apprentices at an early stage. The new VDMA "Handlungsleitfaden Nachwuchswerbung" (Guide to action for recruiting young talent) demonstrates how this is possible.
Studies & Surveys
The VDMA regularly publishes studies and surveys on engineering studies and derives suitable positions and statements from them.
Talent machine - the young talent portal for the mechanical engineering industry
Portal with news, info, internship job exchange and Best Practices for educational and personnel managers
Our services for members, universities & the media
VDMA maintains a diverse range of services and advice for its member companies, but also for universities and media representatives in the field of science policy and engineering studies. Here is an overview of our services for these three groups.


Facts and figures: Education and workforce in mechanical engineering
In our theme publications, you will find facts, figures and data related to vocational training, engineering courses, skilled workers, mechanical engineers and women in mechanical engineering.
Fit for the future - advanced training courses at the Institute for Mechanical Engineering
Being the VDMA's training academy, we support you in developing new competencies. Contact us - we will gladly advise you!


Legal Working Group
Working Group Labour Law
With a fixed group of participants, employment law problems and developments in the area of case law and legislation are discussed at regular intervals and positions are developed. The impact of digitalisation on the world of work and the associated challenges in terms of employment law are an important part of the format


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Education & Modern Working Committee
VDMA Education Committee
The VDMA Education Committee is the authoritative body for networking and exchange among VDMA member companies on education topics, as well as for monitoring and steering VDMA activities in this area.


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