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Current episodes

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...our podcast deals with various topics relevant to mechanical and plant engineering in Germany and Europe. The trend topics highlight opportunities and risks for the mechanical engineering industry and highlight the challenges facing the sector. We talk to experts from research, science and companies. The guests will provide an insight into practical use cases and highlight the possibilities for implementing important topics in companies. Translated with (free version)


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last episodes
"Manufacturing-X" - the big opportunity for digital business models

Industry 4.0 has given German and European industry a leading role in automation. Now it's all about the world of digital business models and secure data exchange. The concept is called "Manufacturing-X".

Alternative fuels in agricultural engineering

Despite the low proportion of CO2 emissions in Germany, agricultural engineering is also called upon to research climate-neutral fuels and drives. There are possible solutions, but battery electric systems quickly reach their limits when it comes to large machines.

Chemical recycling - the recycling of the future?

It offers some advantages, but is more energy-intensive than other processes. The VDMA's latest podcast provides answers to the reservations that exist and how far Germany has come in comparison to other European countries.

CSRD and the consequences - Sustainability is documented

From next year, all companies with 250 employees, 40 million euros in turnover or 20 million euros in total assets will have to prepare a sustainability report. This requires good planning and organization, which should be started now.

Technical documentation: Now also digital!

Operating instructions and documentation are still too rarely available in digital form. Machine manufacturers prefer printed documents or PDF files. The European Machinery Regulation is now giving technical documentation the digital boost it needs.

Industrial Metaverse - Status quo, opportunities and challenges

It is the next milestone in the digital transformation: the industrial metaverse enables the use of virtual and augmented realities in industrial production and maintenance.

Embrace and threaten - China's economic strategy

Partner, competitor and system rival: China's role has changed dramatically. While still enormously important as a sales market, Beijing is at the same time making clear its claim to determine the rules of global trade.

EU Data Act: "Experiment on the aorta of the economy"

The EU Data Act aims to put data traffic on a new footing, including between companies. This could shift the center of power in the economy. For industrial SMEs, this law is both an opportunity and a risk.

"Plastics are recyclables!"

Plastics create major challenges for industry and society. They are indispensable for daily life, but as garbage they are wasted raw materials.

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