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How safe are elevators?

Millions of people use elevators every day - but how safe are they actually? The latest episode of the VDMA's Industry Podcast is about elevator safety.

Creating sustainability reports with ERP systems

Many companies will have to submit a sustainability report for the first time starting in 2025. Time is pressing, and preparations must begin now. ERP systems can be the decisive helpers here.

LNG is a good alternative energy source

The current episode of the VDMA Industry Podcast is dedicated to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a bridging technology in mechanical and plant engineering. Industry needs to become independent of Russian gas and LNG offers a good opportunity here - if the infrastructure is right and the right political course is set.

No energy transition without PFAS

When things get "hot" in industrial production, PFAS are indispensable. The chemical substances can withstand high temperatures just as well as aggressive production environments. For seals, valves, hoses or compressors, there is often no substitute for PFAS. The EU's planned comprehensive ban on around 10,000 of these substances in one fell swoop would therefore have devastating consequences - especially for the technologies of the energy transition.

30 years of EU Single Market - a success story

Europe knows many success stories, but none is as important for the economy and society as the EU Single Market. Reforms are nevertheless urgently needed - otherwise there is a risk of overregulation. 

Security for the supply chain

Companies need to protect themselves from cyberattacks on their supply chains. A set of specifications co-issued by VDMA is designed to help machine operators make their supply chains more secure.

Women engineers in mechanical and plant engineering

Too few women choose this career path as an engineer because technical job descriptions are often unclear. Prevailing role models and clichés need to be cleared up.

Focus on software - open source in intralogistics

As intralogistics systems become increasingly networked, the complexity of IT structures also increases. Open interface standards can be an approach to simplify projects.

Talents wanted - recruiting young professionals

They are considered to be particularly demanding and at the same time they can choose their jobs: Companies supposedly have to roll out the red carpet for the young professionals of the so-called Generation-Z. But as is so often the case, cliché and reality differ considerably. Recruiting young talent has not become easier for industrial companies in the digital age. But with a little courage and creativity, Generation-Z can also be reached well. 

"MES is the window to production"

The demands on industrial production continue to increase. Manufacturing Execution Systems can cover the entire processes here.

"Digitizing the entire production process with Logistics 4.0".

The production process must also be increasingly digitized in mechanical and plant engineering. However, essential data is often missing for this. And time is pressing.

"Europe needs China, but China needs Europe even more"

For a long time, China was the land of great promise for the machinery and plant engineering industry. But the important trading partner has thrown wrenches into the works, not least through lockdowns and aggressive technology and trade policies. For many companies, it is now time to look beyond China.

The Global Production Language

Why does it make sense for machines, components and systems from different industries to communicate across and among each other? And what opportunities and challenges does the global production language offer in this regard?

Safe energy and clean climate - harmony or interplay?

Germany and Europe want to become climate-neutral by the middle of the century. To achieve this, two challenges must be met: transforming the energy system while ensuring security of supply.

Cybercrime and the consequences

The number of hacker attacks in the mechanical and plant engineering sector is on the rise. More and more VDMA member companies are reporting attacks on office and production systems within the company. Already almost 40 percent of the attacks lead to production downtimes. How can medium-sized companies in particular arm themselves against attacks in advance or react correctly in the event of an actual attack?

"Implementing digitization consistently!"

Successful digital transformation in mechanical and plant engineering succeeds when everyone pulls in the same direction and keeps the customer's requirements in mind.

The "Dream Team" Man and Robot

When robots are as easy to operate as the smartphone, all humans can also work together with them. A "dream team" is created in which everyone contributes their individual skills. Collaboration between humans and robots offers great opportunities - also for the workplace of tomorrow.

Economic policy is more important than ever

The design of economic policy framework conditions is of central importance for the future viability of the state, as well as for the economic success of mechanical and plant engineering. A conversation with Prof. Dr. Lars Feld, Director of the Walter Eucken Institute and former head of the Economic Experts.

In search of skilled workers

Corona is making it particularly difficult for mechanical engineering companies to meet their demand for skilled workers. But even without the pandemic, the challenge to companies and policymakers to find qualified young talent is growing.

Platform economy for mechanical engineering

With increasing networking, new approaches are needed in companies. Not just a view of the machines is needed, but a strong view of the entire ecosystem.

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