Do. 21.01.2021  15:30 - 16:45 Uhr

OE-A Web-Seminar | Printed Electronics Insights - Special Topic: Consumer Electronics

As a part of OE-A’s web-seminar series Printed Electronics Insights this web-seminar gives insight into the special topic “Consumer Electronics”.

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The industry of consumer electronics is currently one of the largest sectors in which organic and printed electronics is applied and encompasses a wide range of product - from small mobile devices to white goods. As such, the range of current and future organic and printed electronics applications in consumer electronics is correspondingly diverse where touch surfaces on white goods, OLED displays for handheld devices, foldable smart phones and even a rollable TV based on OLEDs represent only a few applications enabled by printed electronics.

In this web-seminar renown industry experts will present the latest applications of printed electronics that will drive forward the development of the industry associated to consumer electronics.


  • Introduction OE-A Roadmap: Consumer Electronics
    Jan Krausmann, Project Manager, OE-A
  • Introducing New Innovations in In-Mold Electronics
    Roy Bjorlin, VP Business Development for Printed Electronics, e2ip
  • OLED materials for Display applications
    Dr. Miriam Engel, Scientific Manager, Merck

A Q&A Session at the end of the web-seminar will give you the opportunity to interact with our speakers and to ask for a specific information you need.

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OE-A intents to record the web-seminar including audio and any documents and other materials exchanged or viewed during the web-seminar in order to make it available exclusively to OE-A members for later retrieval. The recordings will be available on my.OE-A – the member area of OE-A - on January 22. Furthermore, the web-seminar will be recorded for internal quality assurance purposes and will be saved by OE-A for documentation purposes.



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