Guide 5G in mechanical and plant engineering

Carlos Amarillo/Shutterstock, bearbeitet vom VDMA

Exclusive publication of the guide "5G in mechanical and plant engineering - Guide for the integration of 5G in product and production" for VDMA members

The Electrical Automation Association publishes exclusively for VDMA members the guide "5G in Mechanical and Plant Engineering - Guidelines for the Integration of 5G in Products and Production" and use cases developed for it.

The guideline "5G in Mechanical and Plant Engineering" and the Use Cases have been realized by the VDMA together with member companies and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS according to the needs and criteria of the mechanical and plant engineering industry and thus offer a practice-oriented understanding of the application possibilities and the challenges of integrating 5G technology in products and production.

The VDMA guidelines, the use cases and a survey are available at