Our mission statement

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Four central topics form our overall concept: "Creating the corporate tomorrow", "Networked thinking, networked actions", "Technology for you and me" and "Europe and the World".

Creating the corporate tomorrow

The underlying message behind much of the VDMA's communication with politicians and the general public is "the future for business owners".  In our economic policy work our main focus is on creating more competition and freedom for you as an entrepreneur. We launch targeted campaigns to raise the visibility and profile of the industry. The result: today engineering is regarded both as a successful industry and as a supplier of key technologies - and is a much respected voice on the national and European political stage.

The VDMA represents the economic and technical interests of your industry - always keeping its finger firmly on the sector's pulse.  We use our personal contacts to politicians, the business world and renowned institutions - combined with the continuous transfer of information - to create the foundations for your success. You benefit from this in the daily battle for orders, capital and the best minds.
Networked thinking, networked actions

At present the engineering sector is exceptionally well positioned within the global competition. A crucial factor in continuing this success story is being able to combine experience and intelligence from different fields such as electrical engineering, software, mechanics, optronics and sensors (to name just a handful), and to turn their high-tech products into world-beating technological innovations.  Such challenging tasks can only be accomplished by deploying closely networked knowledge. This is the main strength of the VDMA.

The VDMA also provides you with information on the latest management topics and future engineering trends. The scope ranges from cost trends for raw materials, lean production structures and the latest strategies in innovation or customer service through to key software developments. Backed up by our large number of member companies we provide a continual stream of business figures and information from all areas of business, including IT, serving them up in aggregated form, grouped by type of production, sub-sector and size of company.

Technology for you and me

Our industry's success is based on selecting, developing and delivering well designed products and systems from the wide range of technical possibilities available. The engineering sector is therefore the prime technology and system integrator. Here, knowledge of the numerous new technologies and interdisciplinary thinking represent strategic success factors.

A good example is the important topic of resource conservation. The demand for energy is growing world wide. The requirement for a sustainable mix of energies is therefore continually gaining in significance. The engineering sector is already rising to meet this challenge. Obtaining a low cost and sustainable energy supply for the capital goods industry and its clients is therefore one of the VDMA'S main objectives. We emphase just how actively the industry helps to preserve resources - by developing technologies which help minimise the specific CO2 emissions during the generation of energy, for example. And supplying its clients with technologies which permit the efficient use of energy and help them to optimise their own energy consumption.

Europe and the World

The world loves machinery from Germany! Which is good news - but even better news is if it stays that way! Do you invest intensively in research and development? Do you keep a close eye on the capital intensity of your production? Do you impose high standards regarding your employees qualifications and training? If so, then the domestic market may well not be big enough for your highly specialised products and services.

Moving into new international markets also allows you to compensate for any regional demand cycles in the capital goods sector. But what is the best way to "go global"? Management resources in the small and medium business sector are scarce, making it essential to select on a strict basis and concentrate on core markets. In other words, you have to hit the target with your first shot!

Knowledge of the markets is the key to success. The VDMA opens the door to the world markets. From location analyses and market monitoring through to appearances at international trade fairs - we support you in developing properly targeted strategies and implementing export-oriented measures - including at our local offices in China (Peking and Shanghai), India (Calcutta and Noida), Russia (Moscow) and Japan (Tokyo). Allowing you to tap into new markets and attract new customers.