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The Corona pandemic poses numerous challenges for companies' day-to-day operations. Our service portal provides VDMA members with country and travel advice, information on legal and insurance issues, and helpful links to other organizations.



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News from politics

News from politics
Corona: SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety regulation repealed

On 25 January 2023 the federal cabinet approved the early repeal of the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance. The ordinance will expire on 2 February 2023.

Minister Spahn acts contradictory and indecisive

Only in a few sectors will there be an obligation for employees to inform their employers about their vaccination status. However, as long as there is no obligation to provide information, companies will be deprived of an important prerequisite for effectively reducing the risk of infection in the workplace.

Also thinking about mandatory testing for employees!

Employers and employees must do everything to reduce the risk of infection in companies to zero. This includes at least an obligation to inform employees whether they have been vaccinated or not.

Politics must get out of crisis mode

Short-time work is declining, employment is rising, the economy has picked up speed. Time to reconsider lump-sum state Corona aid for companies and employees.

Focus on open markets and global partnerships

The EU Commission is drawing its lessons from the Corona pandemic. From the VDMA's point of view, it is clear that only open markets and global partnerships contribute to economic recovery.

Further develop the rules of the internal market

The uncoordinated border closures during the Corona pandemic have shown that the internal market is not crisis-proof. It must be strengthened, which is why a new Schengen strategy is the right thing to do. Member States must seek European solutions.

Involve company doctors in vaccination campaign in a timely manner

The federal government has announced that it will involve company doctors in the vaccination strategy at the beginning of June. In order for the campaign against the Corona virus to gain further momentum, the promise must be implemented.

A European green certificate gets Europe moving again

The EU should quickly agree on a single European vaccination passport and introduce the Digital Green Certificate across Europe. This would greatly facilitate the posting of workers within the EU.

Involve company doctors in vaccination campaign in a timely manner

Company doctors must be provided with sufficient vaccine from the outset.

And afterwards? Germany as a business location after the Corona crisis

The Corona crisis tempts to "short-sightedness": What are the daily case numbers and what is the status of the vaccination progress? However, it is also important to look ahead and ask how Germany is positioning itself as a business location and how it must transform itself. The VDMA is actively involved in this dialogue with politicians.

"Mechanical engineering industry can handle mandatory test offer"

The mandatory offering of self-tests in companies is manageable for machine and plant manufacturers. The VDMA now expects the public authorities to ensure that the vaccination campaign in Germany continues to gain momentum and is organized efficiently.

Mechanical engineering calls for SME-friendly policies

The mechanical and plant engineering sector is defying the pandemic and picking up speed again. Many companies expect production to increase in 2021. The government is now called upon to accompany this with an innovation-friendly policy for small and medium-sized enterprises.

"Days of rest" during Easter: backpedaling is the right decision

The federal and state governments have corrected their decision concerning additional "days of rest" during Easter. This is a good signal: in principle, the dialogue between politics and industry is working, even under the pressure of the Corona pandemic.

Production stop on Holy Thursday only when it's a company holiday!

Holy Thursday as an official „day of rest“ - this presents companies with major organisational challenges and causes considerable costs. It is not clear what can be gained if industry is shut down for an additional day.

Mechanical and plant engineering industry ready for voluntary Corona tests in factories

A faster fight against the pandemic can also succeed with the help of Corona tests in the companies. Many machine and plant manufacturers are actively preparing for this - but it must be a voluntary measure for employees and companies.

Infection protection through ventilation and air purification technology

Two new VDMA information leaflets on Covid-19 offer assistance in assessing the risk of infection in enclosed spaces.

"Only growth can cover the costs of the Corona crisis"

Germany needs growth to pay the enormous costs of the Corona crisis and to be able to invest in the future. To achieve this, industry in Germany and Europe must remain competitive.

"Demands for border closures must stop"

The increasingly resurgent calls for border closures within the EU must be buried as a matter of urgency. Border closures in the internal market would have unforeseeable consequences.

Home office compulsion would be absurd!

Even in Corona times, machine manufacturers have to fulfil their social responsibility and maintain production. A legal home office obligation with fines would therefore be absurd.

Japan to lift travel restrictions on October 11, 2022

Visa procedures suspended for 68 countries



Business topics

Business topics
Corona: SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety regulation repealed

On 25 January 2023 the federal cabinet approved the early repeal of the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance. The ordinance will expire on 2 February 2023.

No compensation for damages due to cancellation of trade fair during Corona pandemic

Trade fair postponements and cancellations could be lawful against the background of the loss of the basis of the contract, so that exhibitors are not entitled to claim damages, as a ruling by the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main shows.

Short-time allowance: Relief until June 30, 2023

On December 14, 2022, the German Cabinet approved the Ordinance on Extended Access to Short-Time Workers' Compensation.

Corona: New SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety and health rule not adopted

The rewrite of the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Safety and Health Rule was voted on Dec. 16, 2022, in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (ASTA) Committee.

SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Regulation: new FAQs from the BMAS

The German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) recently published and updated FAQs on the new SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.

Current directives of the Federal Employment Agency

In September 2022 it was decided to extend individual special regulations for the receipt of short-time allowance.

Experiences of producing in a pandemic

The VDMA has compiled advice and experience from various companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector on how to maintain production despite a pandemic.

Bridging assistance III - more mechanical engineering companies can benefit

The bridging aid has been improved and expanded once again from January 2021 and now also offers more mechanical engineering companies the opportunity to use and help with financing. Bridging aid is a grant towards fixed costs that does not have to be repaid. The Corona assistance funding period covers November 2020 to June 2021, and the maximum monthly funding amount for all companies is now up to €1.5m.

Corona pandemic: Exclusive information for VDMA members

Checklists, information on legal and insurance aspects, and contacts at VDMA.

Results flash survey personnel

Short-time work, home office, sick leave and the opportunities of the crisis. Here you can read an overview of the assessments of the HR managers in our industry. In the download you will find the complete presentation of the results.

Information about countries and travelling

Information about countries and travelling
Restoration of transatlantic travel will power business

With the removal of US entry restrictions, business travel between Europe and the US is returning to normal mode. However, the entry status for convalescents is not explicitly regulated. There is an urgent need for clarity here.

US entry restrictions to be dropped

The US government is planning to lift entry restrictions in the USA for travellers from Schengen countries. The VDMA has been calling for this measure for some time and has repeatedly pressed for it in political talks. It is good that there is now movement in the matter.

A European green certificate gets Europe moving again

The EU should quickly agree on a single European vaccination passport and introduce the Digital Green Certificate across Europe. This would greatly facilitate the posting of workers within the EU.

"China must offer solutions for the entry of specialist staff!"

Since the beginning of the year, the People's Republic of China has tightened the entry requirements for foreign specialist staff to such an extent that it is hardly possible for SMEs to comply. As a result, many machines and systems cannot be installed or maintained. The VDMA is calling for pragmatic solutions.

South Korea lifts all travel restrictions as of Oct. 1, 2022

Additional PCR test after entry eliminated.

India: Last restrictions on entry lifted

Air-Suvidha registration waived

China removes PCR testing requirement

Rapid antigen test sufficient

"Demands for border closures must stop"

The increasingly resurgent calls for border closures within the EU must be buried as a matter of urgency. Border closures in the internal market would have unforeseeable consequences.

Colombia - Information on the current Corona situation

Air travel to Colombia is slowly resuming (as of 16.06.2021).

Brazil - Vaccination protection important for entry

Life has returned to normal in Brazil. Entry is possible with vaccination protection, convalescent status is not recognized.

Israel - Entry decleration still necessary

Israel has lifted all corona-related restriction. However, trips to Israel need to be registered before departure. (Status 30.06.2022)

Egypt without Corona related entry regulations

It is possible to send employees to Egypt. (as of 27.06.2022)

United Arab Emirates - Entry possible

Foreign travellers seeking a short-term stay in the United Arab Emirates (e.g. tourists or business people) may enter the country, provided they meet the general entry requirements (as of 28.04.2021).

The Commission's tourism package is the first step towards a new normality

The EU-Commission published on 13 May 2020 a so-called tourism and transport package. One aim is to help the EU Member States in gradually lifting the travel restrictions imposed to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

Japan to lift travel restrictions on October 11, 2022

Visa procedures suspended for 68 countries

VDMA State Associations

VDMA State Associations
Flash surveys: Developments in the NRW mechanical engineering sector

Various aspects and developments affect the mechanical and plant engineering industry. VDMA conducts flash surveys to show the referring impacts on the industry.. Here you will find the NRW evaluations of the individual surveys.

16th snap survey: Energy price crisis and material bottlenecks weigh on NRW mechanical engineering sector

Companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector in North Rhine-Westphalia are coming under increasing pressure from the current problems in supply chains and energy supply.

Confidence in Bavaria returns

Bavaria's mechanical and plant engineering sector expects to make up, at least in part, for the severe economic setback suffered by Corona in the current year.

9th snapshot survey: NRW mechanical engineering sees light on the horizon

The 9th VDMA flash survey shows that the effects of the corona pandemic for the mechanical and plant engineering industry in NRW are not as serious as feared. Nevertheless, there is still a rocky road ahead.

8. flash survey: NRW-Maschinenbau: Reality dampens hope

The state-specific NRW results of the VDMA's 8th "Blitz" survey show that - contrary to initial hopes - the economic recovery is still some way off.

Coronavirus: Information for the Saarland economy

The Saarland state government is expanding its package of measures to help Saarland companies in the Corona crisis.

Coronavirus - Support for companies in Hesse

All information specific to the state of Hesse has been compiled on a single Internet site for all departments. Among other things, all ordinances and general ordinances on combating the corona virus are available here at a glance and as downloads.

7. Blitz survey: First positive signals for 2021

The 7th VDMA flash survey shows that the majority of mechanical engineering companies in North Rhine-Westphalia expect the situation to improve in 2021 after a disappointing year in 2020.

The MWVLW Rhineland-Palatinate informs: Support of enterprises in coping with the Corona crisis

The worldwide spread of the corona virus (2019-nCoV) also leads to numerous questions for companies. The Ministry of Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture publishes important information and contact persons for affected companies.

6th survey: NRW-Maschinenbau - Slight relaxation

According to the VDMA's 6th flash survey, the vast majority of NRW machine builders (more than 80 percent) are confident of returning to the nominal sales level of 2019 by 2022.

5th survey: Effects of the Corona Pandemic are increasing

According to the VDMA's 5th flash survey, almost all of the North Rhine-Westphalian mechanical and plant engineering companies surveyed see their operations impaired.

Ten impulses for NRW

Over the past few weeks, the Executive Board of the North Rhine-Westphalia Regional Association has held intensive discussions on the impact of the Corona crisis on the mechanical and plant engineering sector.

3. flash survey Coronavirus - Results for NRW for the first time

83 percent of the mechanical engineering companies in North Rhine-Westphalia have already taken measures to adjust capacity.

Ministries have established central contact point

The "Procurement" task force of the NRW ministries coordinates inquiries and offers via central mail address.

Corona crisis: support for companies in the Free State of Bavaria

For your information and convenience, we have compiled an overview and the corresponding contact details and web addresses below. We hope that this will help you in your work. If you have any questions or general queries or concerns during this difficult period, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Corona assistance

The VDMA NRW is closely monitoring the developments around the corona virus. For VDMA members, topic-specific information on legal and insurance-related issues is available.

Coronavirus – information for companies in North Rhine-Westphalia

Various information portals are available to member companies for dealing with the corona pandemic: in addition to a central VDMA website, the North Rhine-Westphalia regional association also offers a constantly updated website with NRW-specific information.

Corona pandemic: NRW well equipped to bridge bottlenecks in financing and maintaining jobs

Due to the corona pandemic, a growing number of companies in various industries are facing completely new challenges. In the meantime, the Federal Government has also sharpened its instruments for comprehensive liquidity protection and uncomplicated receipt of the short-time working allowance.

VDMA topics

VDMA topics
Covid-19 Legal Consequences
The Covid 19 pandemic presents an exceptional situation for companies and employees as well as for suppliers and customers. Many legal questions still need to be answered, e.g. regarding the areas of labor law, contract law, and tax law. In addition, there are numerous legal requirements for travel activities and various quarantine regulations.
Home Office
For many employees, working in a home office is a completely new situation that has caught them very unprepared due to the pandemic. This raises a host of practical and legal issues.
Labor law
Whether it be short-time work, service contracts, working shifts or home office, the parameters for modern work and flexible crisis measures are changing continuously.
Labor Market
Competitiveness, growth and job security require adaptability, value creation based on the division of labour and a flexible labour market. Digitalisation requires modern framework conditions for Work 4.0.


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Weitere VDMA Leistungen

Weitere VDMA Leistungen
14. VDMA Corona flash survey
Detailed results of the 14. VDMA flash survey on Corona for the mechanical engineering industry and 14 trade associations
Flash survey: hiring demand and recruiting in times of Corona
Is the job market for young people changing as a result of the pandemic? Will young people have to fear for their opportunities? The VDMA wanted to find out more, precisely for the mechanical and plant engineering sector, and surveyed its members.
Market and business cycle information
Access to an extensive statistics data base, forecasts, country reports and much more will help you manage your business activities.
Do you have individual questions or need professional advice? Our experts will be happy to advise you in person, by telephone or at your premises.
VDMA Foreign offices
Here you will find links and further information on the VDMA liaison offices located in particularly important foreign markets
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We represent the issues of mechanical and plant engineering in Germany and Europe on your behalf. Our technical expertise, our knowledge of the industry, and our straightforward positioning makes us a recognized and valued contact for companies, as well as for the public, science, administration, and politics.

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