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The VDMA is closely monitoring the developments surrounding the Corona virus. Specific information on legal and insurance issues is available for VDMA members.



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Die US-Regierung plant die Aufhebung der Einreisebeschränkungen in den USA für Reisende aus den Schengen-Ländern. Der VDMA fordert diese Maßnahme bereits seit geraumer Zeit und hat in politischen Gesprächen immer wieder darauf gedrungen. Gut, dass nun Bewegung in die Sache kommt.

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Checklist "Travel restrictions for work assignments by Corona worldwide".

Optimally informed - travel restrictions and national measures for work assignments by Corona

Establishment of production capacities for infection control equipment

On a special page, the Medical Technology Working Group in the VDMA provides an overview of the development of production capacities for infection protection equipment in Germany and Europe.

Experiences of producing in a pandemic

The VDMA has compiled advice and experience from various companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector on how to maintain production despite a pandemic.

Quarantine: No compensation for the unvaccinated

Several federal states already make the granting of compensation dependent on the vaccination status of the employee. Now a uniform practice of the authorities has been agreed upon.

"China must offer solutions for the entry of specialist staff!"

Since the beginning of the year, the People's Republic of China has tightened the entry requirements for foreign specialist staff to such an extent that it is hardly possible for SMEs to comply. As a result, many machines and systems cannot be installed or maintained. The VDMA is calling for pragmatic solutions.

Great Britain - No quarantine obligation for vaccinated travellers

In Scotland, a COVID-19 test is required on entry.

Russia: Travel situation and local measures

Entry into Russia is becoming possible for more and more EU citizens.

No wage entitlement in the event of a lockdown

Persons with a mini-job are not entitled to continued payment of wages in the event of official plant closures due to the pandemic

Event programme 2021

The VDMA offers information events on current foreign trade topics, on the web and live on site.

Kenya - Entry only with negative PCR test

There is no quarantine for travellers from Germany.

Chile - Entry only with quarantine of 5 to 7 days

The entry ban for all foreigners not residing in Chile was lifted on October 1, 2021.

Brazil - New entry regulations to Germany

Due to the improved infection situation, Brazil is no longer classified as a high-risk area as of 19.09.2021. However, EU-wide entry restrictions still apply when entering Germany from Brazil.

Saudi Arabia - borders opened for travellers from Germany

No quarantine for vaccinated travellers (as of July 22, 2021)

India: E-Visa for business travellers activated.

Entry without quarantine possible.

France - Assembly work possible

Fully vaccinated travel without quarantine

Morocco - Entry only possible with restrictions

Entry is currently only possible with special flights or special ferries (Status October5, 2021)

Corona crisis in Kazakhstan: entry and measures on the ground

Visa requirement extended until December 31, 2021. Procedure simplified.

China: Entry requirements still strict. Proof of vaccination required for visa.

Missions in China require high effort.

The plans of Ms von der Leyen for 2022

Commission President von der Leyen set out her vision for the coming year 2022 in her State of the Union address to the European Parliament on 15 September 2021.

Entering the United States: current criteria for a NIE-Waiver

Business travel from Germany to the United States remains challenging, as travelers may enter only with a waiver granted by the U.S. Department of State.

Notes on "force majeure" - 5th edition available

The VDMA Legal Department has updated its notes on the factual and legal situation in connection with COVID 19. The fifth edition of the leaflet, dated 13.01.2021, is now available.

US entry restrictions to be dropped

The US government is planning to lift entry restrictions in the USA for travellers from Schengen countries. The VDMA has been calling for this measure for some time and has repeatedly pressed for it in political talks. It is good that there is now movement in the matter.

Israel again high-risk-area

As of August 15 Israel is classified as high-risk-area. (As of September 21, 2021)

Minister Spahn acts contradictory and indecisive

Only in a few sectors will there be an obligation for employees to inform their employers about their vaccination status. However, as long as there is no obligation to provide information, companies will be deprived of an important prerequisite for effectively reducing the risk of infection in the workplace.

Japan - Visa process suspended until further notice

Coronavirus (Covid 19) advice for Japan

Entry and quarantine in Germany

Federal government introduces general obligation to provide proof when entering Germany. As of 1 August, there are only two categories of risk areas.

Quarantine: vaccination as a condition of compensation

Several states want to make the award of compensation during a quarantine conditional on the worker's vaccination status.

Short-time work: Corona special rules extended again

The Federal Cabinet approved 15.September 2021 the Fourth Ordinance Amending the Short-Time Workers' Allowance Ordinance.

Labour law aspects of a pandemic - 11th edition published

The Corona pandemic continues to cause considerable uncertainty in both the personal and professional spheres.

Corona: Obligation to make a test offer remains

With the amendment of the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Regulations on 1 September 2021, the employer's duty to offer Corona testing remains in place.

Good indoor air quality is always important

Optimal and virus-free indoor air quality has been in the public discussion since the Corona pandemic. In the latest episode of the VDMA podcast, we discuss the technologies and devices that are out there in the field for good indoor air climate.

Corona: Amendment of the SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety regulation passed.

At its meeting on 01/09/2021, the Federal Cabinet approved the amendment of the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance.

Ukraine: Green light for entry from Germany

Since the beginning of June, entry into Ukraine is generally possible again. All entrants require an appropriate negative test or proof of vaccination.

Italy: Entry regulations extended unchanged until 25 October 2021

Recognition of the EU digital COVID certificate

VDMA Podcast: Good indoor air quality is always important

Optimum and virus-free indoor air quality has been the subject of public discussion since the Corona pandemic. At the workplace in the office or on the shop floor, optimum air exchange is essential for people. In the podcast we discuss which technologies and devices are in use for a good indoor air climate.

Also thinking about mandatory testing for employees!

Employers and employees must do everything to reduce the risk of infection in companies to zero. This includes at least an obligation to inform employees whether they have been vaccinated or not.

10th VDMA Corona flash survey - including Austria evaluations

The tenth Corona Flash Survey on the economic impact of the Corona pandemic ran at the end of March/beginning of April. You can see the aggregated feedback of 726 member companies according to the six German VDMA regional associations and for the second time also the special evaluation for Austria.

Always travel with the right visa!

The many and varied regulations require companies to take great care and always be well informed.

Corona year 2020: More Hermes applications

New customers discovered export credit guarantees in 2020, with Russia and Turkey leading the way in Hermes cover.

A European green certificate gets Europe moving again

The EU should quickly agree on a single European vaccination passport and introduce the Digital Green Certificate across Europe. This would greatly facilitate the posting of workers within the EU.

Covid-19 - Not all vaccines are equally accepted

Globally reduced travel activities cover problem of acceptance of vaccination policies.

South Korea - Entry for service personnel possible without quarantine

Bilateral agreement in force since January 2021. Additional testing upon arrival remains mandatory.

§ 616 BGB not applicable in case of fifteen-day quarantine

The question repeatedly arises as to how § 616 BGB is to be applied in the case of compensation for loss of earnings pursuant to § 56 IfSG as a result of quarantines ordered by the authorities.

Entry and quarantine in Belarus

Entry for distribution and assembly also possible without quarantine.

Football must not lead to new lockdowns

The successes in the fight against the pandemic are being recklessly put at risk in Europe when full football stadiums convey the image that Corona has been defeated. People's health and economic recovery are put at risk for the sake of the game.

Using lifts safely even in a pandemic

Millions of people use elevators every day - but how safe is it in times of a pandemic? The latest episode of the VDMA's industry podcast is about infection-free use of lifts during the Corona pandemic. Even simple measures can make elevators safer for people.

Colombia - Information on the current Corona situation

Air travel to Colombia is slowly resuming (as of 16.06.2021).

Politics must get out of crisis mode

Short-time work is declining, employment is rising, the economy has picked up speed. Time to reconsider lump-sum state Corona aid for companies and employees.

Holiday enjoyment despite quarantine

Those who are in corona-related quarantine during their vacation do not get their vacation back without further ado.

Home office not a less severe means of dismissal with notice of change of employment

Home office is now in principle not a milder means in comparison to a notice of termination due to a change in the employment relationship

Quarantine does not exclude continued payment of remuneration

A quarantine ordered in the Corona pandemic does not preclude continued payment of wages by the employer in the event of illness.

Home office: Corona regulation not extended

The legislator has not extended the special regulation on home office, which is valid until 30 June 2021.

Corona crisis: support for companies in the Free State of Bavaria

For your information and convenience, we have compiled an overview and the corresponding contact details and web addresses below. We hope that this will help you in your work. If you have any questions or general queries or concerns during this difficult period, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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World class through freedom and competition

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To the point

Zitat Corona Seite

"Over-regulation of the labor market is no less burdensome for many companies than excessive taxes and duties"

Dr. Ralph Wiechers, VDMA

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of all companies expect problems on the demand side to continue to decline.


Auf den Punkt Corona

Economic policy demands in the context of the Corona crisis
  • Immediately: Secure liquidity of the companies
  • Immediately: continue to enable the movement of goods, economic activity and production.
  • Immediately: Prevent industry shutdown
  • Prepare now: Flank restart

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