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"Delay of Brexite only with clear perspective"
The EU should be open to an extension of the deadline for Britain to withdraw. However, the British side must show how it intends to use the additional time.
Tomorrow's mobility urgently requires technological openness
From the bicycle to the container ship: A variety of technologies will continue to be needed in drive technology in the future. Mechanical engineering is driving the development of all drive types, including electromobility. Their attractiveness increases.
A weak start into 2019
The start into the current year was not very pleasing for the machine manufacturers from Germany: In January, order intake fell short of the previous year's level by 9 percent in real terms.
Finally a positive signal for the introduction of tax incentives for research and development
Discussion draft of the Federal Ministry of Finance for the introduction of a tax research subsidy fundamentally positive - cap on eligible expenses and time limit, however, require subsequent improvements
"State intervention is not yet an industrial policy"
Germany and France are looking for a European industrial strategy. Further state intervention in the economy cannot be the solution.
Draft of climate protection law sets the wrong course
VDMA supports reliable guidelines for climate protection in Germany - Fixed sector targets do not fit in with a changing energy system - "Immediate programmes" and six-month horizons are poison for sensible investment decisions


The European Parliament has set new hurdles for a free trade agreement with the US. Even if the European Council makes the final decision, this is a signal against free trade.
PV module prices fell by more than 30 percent in 2018. Reduced manufacturing costs as well as increased cell and module efficiencies support this.
Companies in mechanical engineering and plant construction regard start-ups as strategically important partners for the future of their industry. A survey of VDMA members shows that almost three-quarters of companies plan to cooperate with start-ups in the next three years. Small and medium-sized companies are also on the move in the start-up world.
A mixed balance leads to a standstill in mechanical and plant engineering in the capital region. This is shown by the 2018 figures of the Berlin-Brandenburg Statistical Office.
2018 production volume grows by 5 percent +++ Significant increase of 8 percent in exports +++ 3 percent growth expected in current year
A new all-time high in total sales and again more than 13,000 employees: The machine and plant manufacturers from Saxony-Anhalt continued their growth course in 2018.
The 2018 figures of the State Statistical Office show a remarkable development of Saxon mechanical and plant engineering.
The Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Statistical Office has published the data for mechanical and plant engineering in 2018. Accordingly, the companies achieved a solid result.
Steady export volume of 4.6 billion euros: EU, China and USA remain the most important sales markets; Stable business climate in German printing and paper machine manufacturing; Industry is in search for skilled workers
The power transmission and fluid power industries are expecting growth of around 3 percent in 2019. The industry focusing on industry 4.0 solutions at the Hannover Messe. The World trade share on the rise.
With 4.9 percent sales growth, mechanical engineering in Rhineland-Palatinate had a good year in 2018. The remarkable thing about this is that both domestic and foreign sales have increased at almost the same rate.
The mechanical engineering companies in Hesse had to accept a 4.0 percent decline in sales in 2018. The main reason for this was the 8.3 percent decline in foreign sales, which increased only in October 2018. Above all, sales to other foreign countries fell significantly by 12.6 percent.
"Digitisation must become a top topic in engineering science university teaching", emphasises Hartmut Rauen, Deputy Executive Director of the VDMA, on the occasion of the annual report published on 27 February by the Expert Commission on Research and Innovation (EFI).
Technical building valves score points - France remains No. 1 export market - No great expectations for 2019
Strong year with weak end - China most important sales market - Subdued expectations for 2019
Synthetic fuels are an essential element of the energy transition, because they bridge the gap between the sectors.
Ulrich Meißner, tax expert of the VDMA (German Engineering Federation), explained the positions and demands of the mechanical and plant engineering industry with regard to tax research promotion in a public hearing of the Finance Committee of the German Bundestag. In a short conversation with the VDMA capital office, he describes his impressions.
Fewer and fewer young people are interested in vocational training. More and more training places remain vacant. Today, companies have to recruit junior trainees at an early stage. The VDMA's new "Guide for the Promotion of Young Talent" shows how this can be done.
The results of the first call for tenders for onshore wind energy this year were published today.
Deputy VDMA Executive Director Hartmut Rauen considers the use of Artificial Intelliegnz to be largely uncritical, even if a discussion about its ethical dimensions is important, said Rauen on the occasion of the Bundestag debate on the AI strategy of the Federal Government.
In the future, the EU wants to examine foreign investments more closely. Technologies such as artificial intelligence or robotics are also affected.
In 2018, the German robotics and automation sector reached the 15 billion euro mark for industry sales for the first time - an increase of 4%.
VDMA Material Handling and Intralogistics Association founds working group +++ First key areas of work defined +++ Next meeting on 27 May 2019 +++ 7 project submissions to the Research Association IFL
Mechanical engineering industry benefits from Swedish customers' high standards - Partner country of Hannover Messe focuses on automation and Artificial Intelligence - Export growth of 3.3 percent, large number of branch offices
Will protectionism or a "digitalized Leninism" overrun the economic order in Europe? Participants at the congress "Maschinenbau vorausgeDACHt" have defended the market econonmy concept - but it must be reformed.
Olaf Wortmann: Auftragseingang Januar 2019
Der Start ins laufende Jahr war für die Maschinenbauer aus Deutschland wenig erfreulich: Im Januar verfehlte der Auftragseingang sein Vorjahresniveau um real 9 Prozent.
Hartmut Rauen: Hannover Messe 2019
Hartmut Rauen looks forward to the upcoming Hannover Messe 2019 and explains the topic Industrial Intelligence. He also explains other important technological innovations that can be seen in Hanover and explains how the VDMA is counteracting the shortage of skilled workers.
Olaf Wortmann: Auftragseingang Januar 2019
Der Start ins laufende Jahr war für die Maschinenbauer aus Deutschland wenig erfreulich: Im Januar verfehlte der Auftragseingang sein Vorjahresniveau um real 9 Prozent.
Hartmut Rauen: Hannover Messe 2019
Hartmut Rauen looks forward to the upcoming Hannover Messe 2019 and explains the topic Industrial Intelligence. He also explains other important technological innovations that can be seen in Hanover and explains how the VDMA is counteracting the shortage of skilled workers.

Must Reads

Do Europe and Germany need more state industrial policy to survive between the USA and China? VDMA Vice President Karl Haeusgen sets clear accents in the ZDF programme "Maybritt Illner".
Companies should prepare in time for the UK's withdrawal from the EU. The VDMA has compiled checklists for its members.
An employee's entitlement to paid annual leave usually expires at the end of the calendar year only if the employer has previously informed him of his specific holiday entitlement and the expiry periods and the employee has not taken the holiday of his own free will. This was decided by the Federal Labour Court in its judgment of 19.02.2019 (Case No. 9 AZR 541/15).
As part of the initiative "Maschinenhaus - Plattform für innovative Lehre", we offer as a prize the 4th VDMA University Prize. With this award we would like to honour outstanding teaching concepts which stand for more academic success and thus set an example for the importance of teaching.
The European Commission regards environmental and social standards as an essential part of its economic policy. This offers opportunities for mechanical engineering companies - but also the danger of additional requirements.
Approximately 7,100 companies are currently being contacted by the Federal Government and informed about the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights (NAP), with which they are to exercise human rights due diligence along their supply chain.
The German delegation visiting SWS (Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipyard)
Despite (still) rising student numbers in computer science, the high drop-out rates are a cause for concern. In order to meet the demand for IT specialists in industry 4.0, the quality of teaching must be further improved. The VDMA nacelle initiative is committed to this and will include the field of computer science in the next project phase.
The regulations of the Basic Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) to be observed since 25.05.2018 have caused the members of the VDMA some effort in the implementation of the requirements.
In view of the challenges posed by digitisation, the VDMA calls for the urgently overdue reform of the Working Hours Act.
The USA is the most important export market and investment location for the German mechanical and plant engineering industry. At the same time, German companies with capital goods enable the development and modernization of American industry. In politically tense times of transatlantic relations, the EU and the US should strive for a lean free trade agreement and, at the same time, a reform of the World Trade Organization (WTO). With 164 members, the WTO is the best platform for creating competition and free trade.
The aim of the strategic partnership between Labs Network 4.0 and InsurTech Hub Munich is to develop innovations, technologies and business models at the interface between industry 4.0 and the insurance industry.
Future Business prepares the next complex trend topic with possible far-reaching effects for the entire mechanical and plant engineering sector. It does not only concern the currently much-discussed future of the plastics industry and waste and recycling technology, but all branches of industry with a connection to materials. Find out how you can contribute!
Foreign direct investments in Germany as well as German direct investments abroad ensure the success of the German mechanical and plant engineering industry. Unlike in the EU, some economic areas restrict foreign investment for economic and political reasons. This is problematic if investors from these countries who are both state-controlled and financially strong become active in our company at the same time. The commandment is called "reciprocity", equal conditions for common benefit. The political objective must be to achieve the same investment conditions everywhere as in Europe.
The export-oriented German mechanical engineering industry has benefited more than almost any other sector from economic and political integration and having the euro as the single currency. However, the result of the British referendum in favor of Brexit has shaken the EU to its core. Even two years on it is still not completely clear how the EU and the United Kingdom will work together in the future, but the UK must not be granted a special status. The mechanical engineering sector believes that the cohesion of the EU takes priority and demands equal competitive conditions in the EU27 and the UK.
Frankfurt am Main, 28 May 2018. – Making a visit to the fair simpler, faster and better: this is the goal pursued by the Club of Metalworking, which the VDW launched a few days ago. Membership is free of charge, and offers attractive services for international metalworking experts.
Frankfurt am Main, 29 March 2018. – The dates for the next METAV have been finalised. The International trade fair for metalworking technologies will be held in Düsseldorf from Tuesday to Friday 10 to 13 March 2020.
Mobility is changing. A global driver for this will be the implementation of the Paris climate resolutions. With its efficient solutions, German mechanical and plant engineering makes an important contribution to change and thus secures employment and prosperity.
The VDMA Software and Digitisation Association has added new features to its app, which are now available free of charge in the app stores.
The update of the ITRPV will be presented and released on September 6th, 2017 in Shanghai. The information on the technology maturity is now implemented for selected parameters.
Guest article by VDMA President Carl Martin Welcker in FAZ
In the business section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 11 February, VDMA President Welcker writes his position on the "National Industrial Strategy 2030".
Now online: VDMAimpulse, Issue 01-2019
Hannover Messe 2019 is just around the corner (1-5 April 2019). More than 6,500 exhibitors are expected, more than 220,000 visitors as well. Read in the latest issue of VDMAimpulse what’s expecting you there.
2019 - a year of change
2019 will be a year of change. Economic downturns and technological transformations will present many companies with new challenges and also require political action in many areas.
Humans – Machines – Progress – The film
Machines improve our lives – on a large and small scale. Whether for our health, food or the many means of transportation that we use; whether we are looking at the ground deep below the sea or from high above – we need machines and people who utilize their skills to make the world a better place to live. That is the aim of mechanical and plant engineering. Humans – Machines – Progress.
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