German mechanical and plant engineering – The foundation of the future!


German mechanical and plant engineering has always been the backbone of the German economy. Even internationally, it stands for progress, performance, and reliability. Hardly any other industry is so diverse, and developing with so much rigor. Reason enough, then, for German mechanical and plant engineers to confidently look toward the future.

At the same time, there are signs of change. There is pressure from foreign competitors with improving quality and lower-priced services even in industries traditionally dominated by German companies. The international integration of markets is increasing, which in turn increases volatility. The upcoming 4th industrial revolution („Industrie 4.0”), the impact of digital technology on the value chain, and disruptive technologies such as 3D printing have the potential to change the very structure of business models.

As such, mechanical and plant engineers must not rest on their laurels: As in the previous decades, companies can only ensure their international competitiveness if they actively shape industry trends, and achieve continuous improvement.

And in so doing, the VDMA wants to provide the best possible support to its members. To this end, not only do we want German mechanical and plant engineering to keep pace with international competition, but we want to underpin and further expand Germany’s leading role even in the face of changing conditions.

Working with McKinsey & Company, the VDMA examined how this could be achieved. The aim was to identify current success patterns and future industry trends, and to derive strategies based on these findings.


VDMA: The future of German mechanical engineering (German)
Press Release

VDMA: Mechanical engineering industry must set its own course for the future

07.07.2014 In the future, German mechanical engineers want to continue tackling the challenges of internationalisation predominantly from their home country. Only one in five businesses is planning to truly relocate their production abroad. Instead, most companies are relying on greater automation of production, process innovations and integrated solutions in order to remain competitive from within Germany.

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The future of German mechanical engineering

This brochure highlights concrete approaches as the basis for further discussion. Providing that German mechanical and plant engineering continues to keep its finger on the pulse, it will continue to write its own success story.




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