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People can change the ways of the world with their ideas and dedication. But more often than not, it is machines which make these changes happen.

No human could match the performance of an automated system working under extreme conditions, or that of a tiny sensor which turns out to be essential in providing better goods, services or even safety. The machinery construction and engineering world is a truly fascinating, ever-turning melting-pot of new ideas and practical solutions − all designed to improve the world's production backbones a little each day. And nowhere else in the world can one find such a high number of dedicated and successful machinery construction and machinery companies than within the ranks of the VDMA. Enjoy our online magazine VDMAimpulse and take a look at the ideas, innovations and the centerpieces created by the industry.

We would like to invite you to discover the broad spectrum that makes up this industry: its technological achievements, its main fields of research, its markets and regulations and its employees. We would also like to present you with insights into VDMA: its associations, departments, forums and competence centers − such as our newest Competence Center Future Business.

VDMAimpulse will be published bimonthly and exclusively for VDMA members and their international subsidiaries. If you want to read the new magazine please click on the registration button below. To visit our VDMAimpulse-Website please go to: VDMAimpulse.org

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