About the VDMA


With around 3,300 members, the VDMA is the largest network organisation and an important voice for the mechanical engineering industry in Germany and Europe.

Innovation driver of the German economy

Mechanical and plant engineering in Germany stands for innovative strength that is valued worldwide. It is a source of solutions for many of the challenges of our time. The spectrum is broad and encompasses all areas of life: from drive technologies for tomorrow's mobility, innovations for greater energy efficiency and resource protection, through food and recycling machines to cutting-edge technology in medicine. The list is almost endless.

VDMA: Network and voice of mechanical engineering

Karl Haeusgen, VDMA President

More than 125 years VDMA: that means the constant look ahead.

Its approximately 3,300 members make the VDMA the largest network organisation in the European mechanical engineering industry. The association represents the common economic, technical and scientific interests of this diverse industry.

How is the VDMA organised?

Executive Committee, Board, Main Board

Together with its member companies, the VDMA addresses the broad spectrum of topics in the mechanical and plant engineering industry in its trade associations, cross-sectional departments and working groups. In international committees and forums, the association is also active abroad to promote the interests of its members, supported by VDMA offices on site.

The honorary governing bodies of the VDMA

  • Executive Committee

    Every four years the VDMA General Assembly elects a President and two Vice-Presidents. They set thematic priorities for the association's work and represent the mechanical and plant engineering industry as top representatives in public and in dialogue with politicians.

  • The Board
  • The Main Board
    Around 120 high-ranking and elected representatives of the member companies form the Main Board. It sees itself as the decision-making and control body of the association. At the same time, it is an interdisciplinary forum for discussion and opinion-forming.

Executive Directorate

The Executive Directorate is responsible for the day-to-day business and translates the VDMA's positions into practical work. The Executive Director , his deputy and the other members of the Executive Directorate are responsible to the Board and the Executive Commitee for the work of the association.

VDMA structure

The VDMA is subdivided into cross-sectional departments that deal with fundamentally relevant topics for mechanical and plant engineering, representative offices in Berlin and Brussels, and liaison offices in important foreign markets. 36 trade associations andvarious working groups, internationalcommittees and forums of the VDMA deal with the branches of mechanical engineering. A total of around 500 VDMA employees work for the members worldwide.

Main topics

You will find the VDMA's collected expert knowledge on the TOP topics in mechanical engineering on our focus page, together with an overview of our knowledge and research portals.


VDMA members benefit from a wide range of services, the unique mechanical engineering network and the expertise of VDMA experts at home and abroad.

Detailed information on membership in the VDMA can be accessed with a single click.

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The VDMA represents around 3,300 mainly medium-sized companies in the capital goods industry and is thus the largest industrial association in Europe. Here you can find the member companies.


The VDMA is the mouthpiece of the mechanical engineering industry; we create the conditions for the sustainable development of competitive cutting-edge technology. To this end, the VDMA offers a wide range of attractive fields of work and entry opportunities, and we train junior staff. The VDMA is certified with the "Work and Family" audit. Get to know our offers on our career portal