Information from VDMA – a guide through the online offering

The VDMA portals and the my.VDMA member section provide you with a wealth of information. This overview is intended to support you in your research. The diverse offer was sorted by topic area for better orientation.

Organization, topics, people is divided into various sub-organizations.

An overview of the bodies by the different forms (trade association, department, regional associations, etc.) is provided here. All bodies are listed by name according to their affiliation with one of the bodies with a link to its own portal.

The sub-organizations of VDMA

It is also possible to research by topics. Once you have selected a topic, a filter allows corresponding contributions, events, publications, videos and contacts to be displayed.

The VDMA Topics

All contacts at VDMA are initially sorted alphabetically. Additional filter options include the bodies (all organizations) or the topics (all topics).

Your Contacts at VDMA

Everything about VDMA membership

Not all of the content available on the portals, particularly that on the intranet, is public. Registration is required in order to access the non-public content.
To register, simply click the “Login” button at the upper right of your screen and select “Register”.

You are not yet a member of VDMA, but are interested in the diverse offering from VDMA?

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Services - VDMA online Databases

Publications from previous years are available here. The database documents publications, sector information and guidelines associated with the work of VDMA. VDMA regularly prepares publications on current issues in areas such as Business Advisory, Technology and Environment, IT, Taxes and other topics.

Publication Database

The “DaTeR, Standards, VDMA Specifications” database provides VDMA member companies with an exclusive source of information on technical regulations in VDMA.

DaTeR, Standards, VDMA Specifications

The VDMA Statistics Database provides all VDMA member companies with quick and easy access to economic information on mechanical engineering.

Statistics Database

Events, seminars and dates
Here you will find the events, seminars and congresses hosted by VDMA.

Top events

Public Events

Sent via email, the VDMA Newsletter informs you on current trends, news and events from VDMA and the world of mechanical and plant engineering.


The press section at VDMA

Press information

The search engine helps you find exactly what you are looking for: all relevant information, articles, videos, events and contacts from the complete VDMA internet presence.


my.VDMA - VDMA's member portal

This is the members-only area in which non-public content, a personal profile, contacts, groups, events and a cloud for exchanging documents is provided to our registered members.

Access to my.VDMA is only granted to employees of VDMA member companies via their personal access. Personal access is activated by registering / logging in using the personal company email address.

In your personal profile, you can use filters to customize the offering according to your interests/requirements.

The data in your profile (name, address and communication) is stored in the central VDMA database and can be maintained decentrally by every VDMA employee.

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There are public and closed groups available for membership. If the groups are visible to everyone, you will find them in the my.VDMA navigation below the people icon.

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All events available online are listed here. The filter options enable you to limit the topic range. There is also the option of an electronic registration and administration of your personal status.

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