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COP 23: Shipping Industry Demands a “Maritime Energy Transition”

12.11.2017 VDMA: No Alternatives to International Climate Protection - Demands for Increased Commitment from IMO - Shipping Must Be Emission-Free in the Long Term

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EU reaches good compromise on protection against Chinese dumping

04.10.2017 The EU has reached a compromise in negotiations to protect against Chinese dumping. European companies will finally be able to plan reliably if the proposal before the WTO is accepted.

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Data and facts on guarantee and goodwill costs in mechanical and plant engineering

02.10.2017 Over the last decade, the sum of guarantee and goodwill costs in the German mechanical and plant engineering industry ranged between 1.4 and 3.5 percent of turnover. Average figures for other industry sectors are available by various sources. However, this data is generally not made available very promptly.

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VDMA: The EU must learn from CETA

21.09.2017 The entry into force of the trade agreement with Canada is a success for the EU. However, VDMA urges the EU to focus on its competencies in future trade agreements.

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VDMA-Infotag zu CSR am 23.10.2017: "Mit Nachhaltigkeit Risiken steuern"

28.08.2017 Der VDMA veranstaltet am 23. Oktober 2017 in Frankfurt einen Infotag, an dem die breite Palette nachhaltiger Herausforderungen aufgezeigt und lösungsorientiert bearbeitet wird.

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