Mechanical Engineering Industry

Research and Innovation in the Mechanical Engineering Industry
German machinery manufacturing takes place in highly innovative companies.Its above average commitment to research and innovation is represented in the respective statistical figures.

Economic Situation

In the last three statistically verifiable months (September – November 2017), 24 of the 27 sectors (which are taken into account separately in the VDMA incoming order statistics) experienced an increase compared to the previous year.
In 2017 the demand for labour rose significantly. The last time the number of additional job offerings was as high as present has been in 2007.
The turnover result of the same period of the previous year was achieved by October this year. After a period where incoming orders recorded positive numbers, the turnover is now catching up.
The Indian affiliates of the VDMA member companies in autumn 2017 consider their business perspectives less positively than in spring. Twice yearly, the VDMA in India has been surveying top executives of the member companies and thereby capturing their mood and expectations.
Mechanical engineering – figures and charts 2017
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Statistical yearbook for mechanical engineering, Edition 2017
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„Key to the VDMA“
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