Mechanical Engineering Industry

Research and Innovation in the Mechanical Engineering Industry
German machinery manufacturing takes place in highly innovative companies.Its above average commitment to research and innovation is represented in the respective statistical figures.

Economic Situation

Key figures is a quarterly summary of the relevant data of the machine tool branch such as production, exports, imports, incoming orders, employment etc.
The Eurozone is returning to a stable path of growth. China and USA are the most important sales markets for the industry in 2017 too.
The weak start to the year was overcome in February. In total, the incoming orders in the first two months of the year were 22 percent higher than at the same stage of the previous year, while domestic orders and orders from non-European countries were noticeably high, and orders from the euro partner countries noticeably low.
After the turbulent development of incoming orders over the previous year, the figures for January 2018 are like an ice-cold shower, with a decrease of 29 percent compared to January 2017. Although this is partly due to a statistical base effect – a very high index value was determined for incoming orders in January 2017 – 2018 has not started well.
Statistical yearbook for mechanical engineering, Edition 2017
This year's edition 2017 of the Statistical yearbook for mechanical engineering provides a comprehensive survey of all VDMA statistical data sets.
"Key to the VDMA"
Der VDMA veröffentlicht neuen „Schlüssel zum VDMA“. Die Broschüre gibt eine Übersicht über die Ansprechpartner des VDMA alphabetisch sortiert nach Themengebieten.