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New EU research policy sidelines industry
The mechanical engineering industry is worried that the new EU research programme "Horizon Europe" is weakening the role of industry in European research policy
Domestic demand is catching up strongly
In April, the mechanical engineering sector's order books recorded a double-digit growth of 12 percent in real terms compared with the previous year.
EU finally needs clear rules for posted workers
A Patchwork in Europe causes high bureaucratic expenditure within companies.
VDMA: International trade is not a poker game!
Politics must return to the path of the world trade order under the direction of the WTO.
VDMA: High time for an investment agreement with China
Mechanical engineers from Europe should be able to invest in local companies in China just as much as Chinese companies in this country can. The VDMA therefore strongly demands an investment agreement between the EU and China.
Technology makes the world cleaner
Making the world a good deal cleaner, conserving resources and maintaining good air and clear water - that requires state-of-the-art mechanical engineering. Around 3,300 exhibitors are demonstrating at IFAT in Munich that the technologies are ready to efficiently separate and recycle recyclable materials, clean water from plastic waste or purify polluted air. The machine manufacturers from Germany play a leading role here.


Exports grow in the first four months of 2018 by 4.4 percent - Imports up by 1.5 percent - USA and China still on the upswing, UK and Turkish business declinin
Investments in thin film technology contribute above average to success of the German equipment industry. Record export rate of 93 percent, Asian business broader positioned. Order intake drops in the first quarter.
In 2017, sales of German foundry equipment manufacturers recovered considerably, by 6 percent compared with the previous year. This was especially due to a rise in sales to countries outside the Eurozone, which grew by 25 percent on average compared with 2016. On average during the course of the year, orders received rose by 3 percent, starting from the strong base reached in the previous year. While there was a slight fall in orders from Germany, the positive trend in orders from the Eurozone continued.
For last year, the results of the latest economic situation survey of the Metallurgical Plants and Rolling Mills sector of the Metallurgy specialist association indicate sales growth in the low double-digit range (12 percent) for last year. As regards orders received, there was also a slight upward trend in the second half of 2017 (up 3 percent). Growth was significantly more pronounced in the large industrial plant segment*. However, with a total value of slightly more than €1.5 billion, the production volume in Germany was about 5 percent below the figure for the previous year.
In 2017, the production of food processing and packaging machinery rose by 4.8 percent to a record level of more than 14 billion euros. The prospects for the current year remain positive.
The European Commission has classified the Machinery Directive as fit for purpose - even in times of digitalization.
US remains most important export market - Strong export increase to Italy, Brazil and Russia - Good order income for 2018, however, concerns about skills shortage
The EU Commission proposes a substantial increase in research and development expenditure for the budget for the financial period 2021 to 2027.
The Federal Network Agency today published the approved projects in the second round of tendering for offshore wind energy, amounting to more than 1,610 MW.
PV-Industry expects sales growth of 9 percent this year, German technology suppliers score with superior production solutions.
Investments by the solar industry in thin film technology contribute disproportionately to success, record export rate of 93 percent, incoming orders declined after a strong start in 2017.
On the occasion of the Hannover Messe, VDMA Power Systems presented the “Power Plant Engineering Economic Trend 2018”. Before the presentation, the Chairman of VDMA Power Systems and CEO of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Dr. Markus Tacke, explained: “The announcements in the coalition contract regarding climate protection and energy transition must now be acted upon, as European plant engineering can only then assert itself as the forerunner of a leading market for energy systems in global competition.”
Sales increases with printing and paper converting machines - Order intake remains stable all over - Foreign demand consistently at a high level – China and Russia are important driving forces
• Power transmission engineering and fluid power are providing the central building blocks for Industrie 4.0
• IAMD: A new leading trade fair is being launched
• Comprehensive event program from VDMA associations at the Hannover Messe
The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) published the results of the first cross-technology call for tender for onshore wind and solar energy today. For the 200 megawatt (MW) call for tender, 32 bids with a scope of 210 MW for solar plants only were accepted, while the bids submitted for onshore wind power plants were not accepted. The average volume-weighted awarded value is 4.67 ct/kWh.
Machine exports up 22.5 percent in 2017 - Sanctions continue to weigh on companies - China captures market shares
The Eurozone is returning to a stable path of growth. China and USA are the most important sales markets for the industry in 2017 too.
The members of the Large Industrial Plant Manufacturers Group (AGAB) booked orders valued at EUR 17.8 billion in 2017, down around 6 percent on the figure for the previous year
Fundamental change in factory organization is imminent - Solutions for an increasingly networked world characterized by complexity and individualization - Fourth VDMA Future Business Summit presents scenarios and potential for the machinery industry
Production in 2017 at pre-crisis levels for the first time in 2007 +++ 3 percent growth expected this year +++ 8 percent growth in exports
The VDMA is tirelessly fighting for improved market surveillance in Europe. Online trading and fulfillment centers have not simplified the batch situation. The EU Commission has presented a new proposal for market surveillance.
The EU is working on a uniform European sales law, but the mechanical engineering industry will probably remain largely unaffected.
Potenziale und Herausforderungen einer umfassenden Energiewende standen im Zentrum von Vorstandssitzung und Mitgliederversammlung des VDMA Motoren und Systeme am 21. und 22. Februar bei Gastgeber Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG in Rostock, auf der zudem ein neues Präsidium gewählt wurde.
The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) today published the results of the first call for tender in 2018 for onshore wind energy.
Business lagged in the Eurozone in 2017 and there was little movement in the domestic market. The German Valve Manufacturers Association (VDMA) is expecting sales growth of 2% in 2018.
Holger Kunze: Brexit looms
What happens in March 2019? How could Great Britain‘s “farewell” from the EU take place? Holger Kunze, Director VDMA European Office, talks about the looming Brexit.
Dr. Ralph Wiechers: Auftragseingang April 2018
Im April konnte der Maschinenbau in seinen Auftragsbüchern insgesamt wieder ein zweistelliges Wachstum von real plus 12 Prozent im Vergleich zum Vorjahr verbuchen. Die Auslandsbestellungen stiegen um real 8 Prozent.
Holger Kunze: Brexit looms
What happens in March 2019? How could Great Britain‘s “farewell” from the EU take place? Holger Kunze, Director VDMA European Office, talks about the looming Brexit.
Dr. Ralph Wiechers: Auftragseingang April 2018
Im April konnte der Maschinenbau in seinen Auftragsbüchern insgesamt wieder ein zweistelliges Wachstum von real plus 12 Prozent im Vergleich zum Vorjahr verbuchen. Die Auslandsbestellungen stiegen um real 8 Prozent.

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automatica – the leading exhibition for smart automation and robotics in Munich - opens its doors on June 19 and promises to break all records. Our team is strongly involved! Here comes our Highlights Guide:
Frankfurt am Main, 28 May 2018. – Making a visit to the fair simpler, faster and better: this is the goal pursued by the Club of Metalworking, which the VDW launched a few days ago. Membership is free of charge, and offers attractive services for international metalworking experts.
Frankfurt am Main, 29 March 2018. – The dates for the next METAV have been finalised. The International trade fair for metalworking technologies will be held in Düsseldorf from Tuesday to Friday 10 to 13 March 2020.
The update of the ITRPV will be presented and released on September 6th, 2017 in Shanghai. The information on the technology maturity is now implemented for selected parameters.
VDMA’s fears that a common European Sales Law would increase transaction costs and legal uncertainty, and would therefore not be a true added-value for companies, have been recognised by decision makers in Brussels.
Europe works, but it needs to evolve
From the point of view of the mechanical engineering industry, the European idea is a real success model, something people in Europe can be proud of! Nevertheless, there are some points that can still be improved. Because managing the status quo has never been enough.
Humans – Machines – Progress – The film
Machines improve our lives – on a large and small scale. Whether for our health, food or the many means of transportation that we use; whether we are looking at the ground deep below the sea or from high above – we need machines and people who utilize their skills to make the world a better place to live. That is the aim of mechanical and plant engineering. Humans – Machines – Progress.
The VDMA Startup Machine goes live
In the year of its 125th anniversary, the VDMA is launching its Startup Machine: a new grouping that intends to bring together start-up companies and mechanical engineering companies.