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125 years VDMA: Launch of the VDMA Series of Events - Parliamentary Evening in Hesse

23.03.2017 The VDMA has launched a series of events to celebrate its 125th anniversary. On March 22, the Regional Subsidiary Central participated in the traditional “Politicians Reception” of the Vereinigung der hessischen Unternehmerverbände (VhU, Federation of Hessian Employers Associations), which took place at the Kurhaus in Wiesbaden. Around 180 guests from politics, business and society were present, including Hesse’s Minister President, Volker Bouffier, and several members of his cabinet.

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Energy efficiency pays off

The benefits of energy efficiency are obvious – but there is still a lot of untapped potential. Therefore, VDMA is pressing ahead with the establishment of energy efficiency networks.

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Invaluable comparisons and benchmarks

Companies need to continuously put all elements of their management through their paces. VDMA develops important key performance indicators and processes for this purpose.

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The constant battle for taxes

Whoever does business must pay taxes. VDMA is struggling to ensure that the tax burden on its members remains bearable and that the tax system does not get out of hand.

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A secure basis for contracts

From the drafting of general terms and conditions to the checking of specific contract contents – VDMA lawyers help members to avoid some potential pitfalls.

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The voice of reason

30.01.2017 Lobbying has become even more important for the industry. VDMA gives its members a powerful voice both in Berlin and Brussels.

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